benzyl group

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Noun1.benzyl group - the univalent radical derived from toluene
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
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The activity of the these compound was the most probably due to presence of hydroxyl group at third position of aniline ring in 6c, benzyl group in 3d and two alkyl groups at third and fifth position of aniline ring in 6a along with benzyl group attached to nitrogen of sulfonamide.
The methylene carbon atoms of benzyl group appeared at 55.8 ppm.
The oxidation of the primary benzylic alcohols was strongly influenced by the electronic properties of the substituents on the benzyl group. In general, the oxidation rate of aromatic alcohols with electron-releasing groups was relatively higher than that of alcohols with electron-withdrawing group [13, 97, 98].
Scientists have designed another potentially pharmacologically useful compound - GC-24 (4), a second-generation thyromimetic molecule that differs from GC-1 (3) in the 3' position of the second aromatic ring, where a benzyl group substitutes the isopropyl group (Figure 2).
Meanwhile, benzyl group has great influences on the adsorption of ZEA, which can significantly increase the adsorbance of ZEA on adsorbents.
It had been postulated that bulk around the quaternary nitrogen produced by the benzyl group might provide sufficient lipid solubility for absorption.
Conditions for [S.sub.N.sup.2] occurred in the case of TEBAC, attacking exclusively the methylene of the benzyl group. Chempath et al.