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 (bĭ-kwēth′, -kwēth′)
tr.v. be·queathed, be·queath·ing, be·queaths
1. Law To leave or give (personal property) by will.
2. To pass (something) on to another; hand down: bequeathed to their children a respect for hard work.

[Middle English biquethen, from Old English becwethan : be-, be- + cwethan, to say; see gwet- in Indo-European roots.]

be·queath′al, be·queath′ment n.
be·queath′er n.
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All cadaveric subjects were obtained with permission from the Body Bequeathal Program at Western University, London ON, Canada, in accordance with the Anatomy Act of Ontario and Western's Committee for Cadaveric Use in Research.
The Army was more bothered about a pitiable relic of British bequeathal of giving dead soldiers befitting ceremonial funeral which it said it still upholds.
The Molina family is making the bequeathal to mark the birth centenary of the historian.
Ten human cadaveric legs (5 matched pairs) including the intact foot up through the distal half of the thigh were acquired from the bequeathal program of a level one academic trauma center.
The facilities constructed can be seen as a future bequeathal, it said, ours for the taking should we ask China to leave the area.
He said the act for the bequeathal and other such legal rights for those affected children would also be passed by the Sindh Assembly before July this year.
It emphasizes another dimension of memory and legacy, a bequeathal to the future on the cusp of the departure of the Greatest Generation.
until the laws prohibiting their bequeathal and inheritance of wealth or property were corrected.
The Supreme Leader's reaching out to young people all over the world represents his orientation toward building a better future; while the Saudi king's bequeathal of his kingdom to a gaggle of feuding geriatric sybarites illustrates that kingdom's ineffectual wallowing in the quagmires of the past.
And it's irrelevant here whether or not we can prove marriage's divine bequeathal; the point is that the argument for its one man/one woman model would be airtight logically.
* The concept of justice in a society: he listed five injunctions and practices in Islam which to his mind underscore the significance of justice, namely, the prohibition of injustice, the wealth tax, the division of inheritance, the bequeathal of personal wealth for the public good, and charity.