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n. pl. ber·ceuses (-sœz′)
1. A lullaby.
2. A soothing musical composition, usually in 6/8 time.

[French, feminine of berceur, cradle rocker, from bercer, to rock, from Vulgar Latin *bertiāre.]


(French bɛrsøz)
1. (Classical Music) a cradlesong or lullaby
2. (Classical Music) an instrumental piece suggestive of this, in six-eight time
[C19: from French: lullaby, from bercer to rock]


(Fr. bɛrˈsœz)

n., pl. -ceuses (Fr. -ˈsœz)
2. a musical composition typically in 6/8 time and having a soothing character.
[1875–80; < French, derivative of bercer to rock]
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Noun1.berceuse - a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleepberceuse - a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
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On the other hand, the melodic contour of Debussy's "La fille aux cheveaux de lin" maps well onto "Blue in Green" from the same disc and a case may be made for congruence between Chopin's Berceuse, Op.
In the second chapter ("The Acoustic Mirror as Formative of Auditory Pleasure and Fantasy: Chopin's Berceuse, Brahms's Romanze, and Saariaho's 'Parfume de l'instant'"), Klein borrows the phrase "acoustic mirror" from critical theorist Kaja Silverman to describe musical passages by Chopin, Brahms, and Saariaho that reflect the period just before Lacan's "mirror stage" of human development (p.
Palomita 6 Easy Cancion tonta 7 Easy La Noche del Llano Abajo 8 Easy Berceuse 9 Easy El Caballito 10 Easy Las Cinco horas 11 Easy Triste 12 Easy Hilando el copo del viento 13 Easy Pampamapa 13 Easy Copla triste 14 Easy La Hija del veijo Panch 15 Moderate La Campesina 18 Moderate La Gitana 22 Moderate La Nina de la guitarra 22 Moderate Cancion (para mi nino) 24 Advanced Por estos cuatro caminos 24 Advanced North Carolina Blues 25 Advanced Yaravl 26 Advanced Si un nino muere en la guerra 28 Advanced A veces un no niega 29 Advanced Bito Manue 29 Advanced
Graham Parlett's re-working of six short pieces; In a May Morning from Ireland's piano suite Sarnia, plus Soliloquy, Bagatelle, Berceuse and Cavatina complete an enjoyable disc at a bargain price.
Era de noche: yo tocaba Una berceuse de Chopin Y aun sin mirarlo bien sentia Fijos en mi los ojos de el.
The programme for the concert includes two of the most popular works in Gordon's repertoire, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Widor's Toccata from Symphonie V, but he will also play Liszt's great tribute to Bach, the Prelude and Fugue on Bach; Berceuse and Scherzetto by Yorkshire composer Cockroft and the Buxtehude Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne.
Mon index te tapotait le dos pour te faire faire tes rots et parfois te pianoter la berceuse sur ta peau pour que tu te sentes aimee et aujourd'hui, tu me regardes en vaniteuse qui s'est decouvert, en rencontrant un miroir, qu'elle peut avoir du pouvoir sur ses maitres.
4 and the dreamy Berceuse in D-flat as more Romantic-era fare before launching into arguably the ultimate late-Romantic sonata: Rachmaninoff's No.
And I, too, have heard of the deadly lullaby phenomenon before, and the following account of a baffling berceuse is typical.
The triptych Van Gogh conceived for Gauguin--La Berceuse (1889) flanked by two Sunflowers --will only be displayed for the first hall of the exhibition, to be replaced by the pairing of two versions of Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles.
The structural and emotional heart of the piece, though, is the central Berceuse, which in Mr.
Comme sortant du fond d'une crypte, une voix de fillette, ingenue et cristalline, entame une comptine melancolique, une berceuse triste qui glace le sang (1).