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n. pl. ber·ceuses (-sœz′)
1. A lullaby.
2. A soothing musical composition, usually in 6/8 time.

[French, feminine of berceur, cradle rocker, from bercer, to rock, from Vulgar Latin *bertiāre.]
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(French bɛrsøz)
1. (Classical Music) a cradlesong or lullaby
2. (Classical Music) an instrumental piece suggestive of this, in six-eight time
[C19: from French: lullaby, from bercer to rock]
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(Fr. bɛrˈsœz)

n., pl. -ceuses (Fr. -ˈsœz)
2. a musical composition typically in 6/8 time and having a soothing character.
[1875–80; < French, derivative of bercer to rock]
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Noun1.berceuse - a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleepberceuse - a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
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Pour faire endormir, amuser ou soulager un bebe, les meres chantaient des berceuses dont les airs emplissent les tetes d'adultes.
Indeed, the two-act concert, featuring a wide range of Chopin's genres, from his nocturnes to his scherzi, berceuses, and mazurkas, is a celebration of the delicate music of Chopin, which Cecile described as highly dependent on "nuances and subtlety." In the second act, following a brief intermission, she played the Op.
The bulk of Kapral's oeuvre is clearly formed by piano compositions (the cycle Lyrica, Nocturne, Berceuses de Printemps, Suita romantica, Miniatures, Fantasie, Dumka, Three Piano Pieces, four Sonatas and Sonatinas) and chamber music, with his three string quartets ranking among the finest Czech works created in the genre, comparable even with Janacek's acclaimed quartets, with the second and third (Autumn Song) written -evidently under Schoenberg's influence -for string quartet and voice.
En effet, il existe des rondes enfantines, comme des berceuses, des melodies, des comptines, des bergerettes ou des hymnes patriotiques qui ont circule en milieu scolaire (education formalisee) ou dans le cadre intime du foyer familial (education informelle).
But it was fascinating to hear the varied accompaniments Stravinsky provided for them, ranging from just three clarinets Berceuses du chat to full orchestra The Faun and the Shepherdess and Tilimbom.