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tr.v. be·reaved or be·reft (-rĕft′), be·reav·ing, be·reaves
1. To take a loved one from (a person), especially by death: "Cry aloud for the man who is dead, for the woman and children bereaved" (Alan Paton).
2. To take something valuable or necessary from (a person or thing): "He was subject to fits, which bereaved him ... of his senses" (David Hume).

[Middle English bireven, to deprive, from Old English berēafian; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

be·reave′ment n.
be·reav′er n.
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vb (tr)
1. (usually foll by of) to deprive (of) something or someone valued, esp through death
2. obsolete to remove by force
[Old English bereafian; see reave1]
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v.t. -reaved -reft, -reav•ing.
1. to deprive and make desolate, esp. by death: Illness bereaved them of their mother.
2. to deprive ruthlessly or by force: War bereft us of our home.
[before 900; Middle English bereven, Old English berēafian, c. Old Saxon birōbōn, Old High German biroubōn, Gothic biraubon to rob]
be•reave′ment, n.
be•reav′er, n.
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Past participle: bereaved
Gerund: bereaving

I bereave
you bereave
he/she/it bereaves
we bereave
you bereave
they bereave
I bereaved
you bereaved
he/she/it bereaved
we bereaved
you bereaved
they bereaved
Present Continuous
I am bereaving
you are bereaving
he/she/it is bereaving
we are bereaving
you are bereaving
they are bereaving
Present Perfect
I have bereaved
you have bereaved
he/she/it has bereaved
we have bereaved
you have bereaved
they have bereaved
Past Continuous
I was bereaving
you were bereaving
he/she/it was bereaving
we were bereaving
you were bereaving
they were bereaving
Past Perfect
I had bereaved
you had bereaved
he/she/it had bereaved
we had bereaved
you had bereaved
they had bereaved
I will bereave
you will bereave
he/she/it will bereave
we will bereave
you will bereave
they will bereave
Future Perfect
I will have bereaved
you will have bereaved
he/she/it will have bereaved
we will have bereaved
you will have bereaved
they will have bereaved
Future Continuous
I will be bereaving
you will be bereaving
he/she/it will be bereaving
we will be bereaving
you will be bereaving
they will be bereaving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been bereaving
you have been bereaving
he/she/it has been bereaving
we have been bereaving
you have been bereaving
they have been bereaving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been bereaving
you will have been bereaving
he/she/it will have been bereaving
we will have been bereaving
you will have been bereaving
they will have been bereaving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been bereaving
you had been bereaving
he/she/it had been bereaving
we had been bereaving
you had been bereaving
they had been bereaving
I would bereave
you would bereave
he/she/it would bereave
we would bereave
you would bereave
they would bereave
Past Conditional
I would have bereaved
you would have bereaved
he/she/it would have bereaved
we would have bereaved
you would have bereaved
they would have bereaved
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Verb1.bereave - deprive through deathbereave - deprive through death    
deprive, divest, strip - take away possessions from someone; "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets"
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[bɪˈriːv] (bereft (pt, pp)) VTprivar (of de)
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pret, ptp <bereft> (liter, = deprive) → berauben (geh) (→ of +gen)
pret, ptp <bereaved> (= cause loss by death: illness) (→ jdm jdn) → rauben (geh), → nehmen; he was bereaved of his sonsein Sohn ist ihm genommen worden (geh)
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References in classic literature ?
I judged him to be a bachelor from the frayed condition of his linen, and he appeared to have sustained a good many bereavements; for, he wore at least four mourning rings, besides a brooch representing a lady and a weeping willow at a tomb with an urn on it.
'They little know, who coldly talk of the poor man's bereavements, as a happy release from pain to the departed, and a merciful relief from expense to the survivor--they little know, I say, what the agony of those bereavements is.
Biddy, wise with previous bitter bereavements, had sat down on the edge of the sand, her fore-feet in the water, and was mouthing her woe.
Unacquainted with grief, I knew not how to appraise my bereavement; I could not rightly estimate the strength of the stroke.
The latter's distraction at his bereavement is a subject too painful to be dwelt on; its after-effects showed how deep the sorrow sunk.
Our kind neighbours lamented that she, once so exalted in wealth and station, should be reduced to such extremity in her time of sorrow; but I am persuaded that she would have suffered thrice as much had she been left in affluence, with liberty to remain in that house, the scene of her early happiness and late affliction, and no stern necessity to prevent her from incessantly brooding over and lamenting her bereavement.
But Rachel's presence in it, after her recent bereavement, operated as a check on the gaieties of her cousins, the Miss Ablewhites--and she herself requested that her visit might be deferred to a more favourable opportunity.
I never in my life was more affected by the contemplation of happiness, under circumstances of privation and bereavement, than in my visits to these establishments.
His sister informed inquiring friends that she accompanied him, in the hope of finding consolation in change of scene after the bereavement that had fallen on her.
Alone, she now struggled to sustain them, when the dreadful certainty of their bereavement was at last impressed on their minds.
Korak's image was still often in her thoughts, but it aroused now a less well-defined sense of bereavement. A quiet sadness pervaded Meriem when she thought of him; but the poignant grief of her loss when it was young no longer goaded her to desperation.
If you said a patient couldn't live another month the family prepared itself for a bereavement, and if then the patient lived on they visited the medical attendant with the resentment they felt at having tormented themselves before it was necessary.