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In the world of defensive handguns, Beretta is a name to conjure with.
A"semi-automatic bolt action" almost sounds like a phrase created by a gun control advocate, like "full semi-automatic AR-15." Shooters unfamiliar with the Beretta Olimpia and observing it in operation for the first time will likely have a "Huh, what?" moment.
Beretta 9mm pistol - Wikimedia commons CAIRO -- 6 April 2019: Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed El Assar received on Friday a delegation by the Italian Pietro Beretta Gun Factory to discuss the possibility of manufacturing Beretta M9 9mm pistols in Egypt.
No, not my 1924 Super Fox with its custom stock, but an out-of-the-box Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus.
A Baltimore County judge reduced a $20 million jury verdict to $1 Tuesday after determining that the plaintiff, a local aerospace manufacturing company, had failed to prove damages against Beretta USA for breaching a nondisclosure agreement.
In the bright lights and fanfare of all the new PCCs being introduced, I've noticed that a lot of people have forgotten about one of the first pistol-caliber carbines of the modern era, the Beretta Cx4 Storm.
The limited edition 92G BRIGADIER VOLUNTEER (1,100 units) combines the history of the iconic Beretta 92 series pistol with themes of Tennessee's history.
The Beretta 9000S self-loading pistol is "the most criminally used firearm in Britain".
One of the worst-kept secrets in the firearms world in the past few years has been the Beretta APX.
Though initially sold in black, Beretta will offer other-colored grip modules for around $50 each.
When Shooting Times received three different autoloading shotguns from Beretta, I was reminded of the product grading system once used by Sears to entice potential customers.