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a. A small tree (Citrus bergamia) commercially grown chiefly in southern Italy for its sour citrus fruits, the rinds of which yield an aromatic oil. Also called bergamot orange.
b. The oil itself, used extensively in perfumery. Also called bergamot oil.
2. Any of various aromatic plants in the genus Monarda of the mint family.

[French bergamote, from Italian bergamotta, from Ottoman Turkish beg armudu, bey's pear (equivalent to modern Turkish bey armudu) : beg, bey; see bey + armut, armud-, pear (from Persian amrūd, from Middle Persian ūrmōd) + -u, possessive suff.]
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1. (Plants) Also called: bergamot orange a small Asian spiny rutaceous tree, Citrus bergamia, having sour pear-shaped fruit
2. (Plants) essence of bergamot a fragrant essential oil from the fruit rind of this plant, used in perfumery and some teas (including Earl Grey)
3. (Plants) a Mediterranean mint, Mentha citrata, that yields an oil similar to essence of bergamot
4. (Plants)
a. wild bergamot a North American plant, Monarda fistulosa, with clusters of purple flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
b. a garden plant of the same genus, usually M. didyma (bee balm), grown for its scarlet or pink flowers
5. (Plants) a variety of pear
[C17: from French bergamote, from Italian bergamotta, of Turkic origin; related to Turkish bey-armudu prince's pear; see bey]
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(ˈbɜr gəˌmɒt, -mət)

1. a small citrus tree, Citrus aurantium bergamia, having fruit with a rind that yields a fragrant essential oil.
2. the oil or essence itself.
3. any of various plants of the mint family yielding an oil resembling bergamot.
[1610–20; earlier, a pear variety < French bergamote < Italian bergamotta < Turkish bey armudu literally, bey's pear]
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Noun1.bergamot - small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumerybergamot - small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumery; Italy
orange tree, orange - any citrus tree bearing oranges
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[ˈbɜːgəmɒt] Nbergamota f
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And I'll have a bit o' rosemary, and bergamot, and thyme, because they're so sweet-smelling; but there's no lavender only in the gentlefolks' gardens, I think."
Eau de Toilette, PS35 for 50ml On sale: May 23 There's a reason mandarin and bergamot are included in summer scents, because their zest is so reminiscent of the season.
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1 YVES SAINT LAURENT Y EAU DE TOILETTE PS53 for 60ml, INSPIRED by the classic combination of a white T-shirt and perfectly cut black blazer, this modern fragrance opens with crisp bergamot and ginger notes, before a subtle sweetness arrives and is rounded off with the smoky warmth 2 COACH FOR MEN EAU DE TOILETTE PS45 for 60ml, John Lewis (available September 12) COACH'S new eau de toilette is inspired by American rebels.
Bergamot is normally used to treat depression via energy, but it's also known to reduce stress.
Recently, Jo Malone expanded its Cologne Intense, bringing the premium range to seven: Myrrh and Tonka, Orris and Sandalwood, Tuberose Angelica, Velvet Rose and Oud, Dark Amber and Ginger Lily, Incense and Cedrat, and Oud and Bergamot.
L'Occitane created the refreshing jasmine floral range inspired by selected refined ingredients, bergamot essential oil from Italy and jasmine absolutes from Grasse.
They probably also have dropsy plant (lemon balm), mountain mint (oregano), bread and cheese (sorrel) and maybe oswego tea (bergamot).
Twinings' new The Earl Grey contains extra bergamot and citrus.
It joins Amber & Patchouli, Oud & Bergamot, Rose Water & Vanilla and Iris & White Musk, all available from July, priced pounds 80 each for 100ml Cologne Intense.
A beautiful white jasmine flower unfurls its petals on the carton, inviting you to inhale the delightful floral fragrance contained within--created by Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier--with its notes of bergamot, Damask rose, jasmine, incense extract, patchouli essence and Tonka bean.