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A musical instrument with a gourd resonator and a single steel wire stretched across a long pole or stick.

[Portuguese, from Kimbundu mbi-rimbau : mbi-, n. pref. + -rimbau, berimbau.]


(Portuguese berɪ̃ˈbau)
(Instruments) a Brazilian single-stringed bowed instrument, used to accompany capoeira
[from the quimbundo (an Angolan language) word mbirimbau]
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He used varied percussion instruments throughout the score: from the Brazilian cuica and berimbau to water phones, an electric driller and the rare Swiss instrument "hang," with its beautiful metallic tone.
Most classes don't have independent accompanists; capoeiristas are expected to play the indigenous instruments--like the atabaque, berimbau, pandeiro, and caxixi as part of the form.
Finally, the troupe brought out a pandeiro, a Brazlian tambourine; a tambourine, a small Brazilian drum; and a single-string berimbau to accompany them while they performed their country's national dance, the samba.
Moreno Let your nom de guerre live beyond the darkness of your Shadow Let those who seek the light find sleep in between the comfort of Symphony notes and Berimbau assassinations.
Dubai Summer Surprises 2009 is featuring the festive entertainment of Banda Berimbau, a group of Italian and Brazilian performers.
Participants will take turns "playing" each other in pairs within a circle, or roda, accompanied by musicians playing instruments such as the berimbau, an Afro-Brazilian musical bow, a release says.
He came to know, listened to and worked together with top musicians who have mastered the rhythms of Africa, South America and India, in the meanwhile learning how to make and play their instruments like the quicca, berimbau, finger piano and talking drum.
In the West Village, Berimbau restaurant has opened at 43 Carmine Street.
Another collaboratorwas jazz percussionist and master of the berimbau, Nana Vasconcelos; jazz guitarist Rafael Rabelo also played on the album.
This dance, if that's what it was, was performed to the sounds of several percussion instruments, all appearing to be of African origin--a tall drum, a tambourine, a variety of hand-held instruments, and what I already knew because of my interest in Brazilian music to be a berimbau, a single-stringed musical bow.
Much of it is riddled with DJ clichs and cheap tricks but single The Garden is already picking up plays with its bossa nova beats and Portuguese vocals pinched from Astrud Gilberto's Berimbau.
When local communities surrounding the resort expressed concern about being left out of a tourism development project, the corporate developers of Sauipe created the Berimbau Programme, named for a local percussion instrument closely associated with Brazilian folklore.