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A wide deep collar, often of lace, that covers the shoulders of a dress.

[French berthe, after Bertha (died 783), Carolingian queen as the wife of Pepin the Short.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a wide deep capelike collar, often of lace, usually to cover up a low neckline
[C19: from French berthe, from Berthe, 8th-century Frankish queen, mother of Charlemagne]


(ˈbɜr θə)

n., pl. -thas.
a woman's large, capelike collar.
[1835–45; after Bertha (d. a.d. 783), wife of Pepin the Short]
References in classic literature ?
If you could only see him, Bertha, how he's winking at me
Red in the mornings and the evenings, Bertha,' said poor Caleb, with a woeful glance at his employer.
Presently he said, "That young lady is Bertha Grant, Mrs.
I was perpetually exasperated with the petty promptings of his conceit and his love of patronage, with his self-complacent belief in Bertha Grant's passion for him, with his half-pitying contempt for me--seen not in the ordinary indications of intonation and phrase and slight action, which an acute and suspicious mind is on the watch for, but in all their naked skinless complication.
Those are what young men box each other with," said Bertha, with a conscious air of superior worldly knowledge.
Oh, I don't know what those are," confessed Bertha.
Miss Bertha Willis,' and that was your ma's maiden name.
There were not many -- only a dozen in all -- for Walter and Bertha Shirley had not been often separated during their courtship.
There was Bertha Doolittle, old Doolittle's daughter, who had been madly in love with Dartworthy, the rich Bonanza fraction owner; and Dartworthy, in turn, not loving Bertha at all, but madly loving Colonel Walthstone's wife and eloping down the Yukon with her; and Colonel Walthstone himself, madly loving his own wife and lighting out in pursuit of the fleeing couple.
a date of fifteen years back), Edward Fairfax Rochester, of Thornfield Hall, in the county of -, and of Ferndean Manor, in -shire, England, was married to my sister, Bertha Antoinetta Mason, daughter of Jonas Mason, merchant, and of Antoinetta his wife, a Creole, at--church, Spanish Town, Jamaica.
Bertha Mason is mad; and she came of a mad family; idiots and maniacs through three generations?
Never before had Bertha Kircher been so terrified--never before had she had such cause for terror.