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1. Sufficient space for a vessel to maneuver; sea room: kept a clear berth of the reefs.
2. A space for a vessel to dock or anchor: a steamship moored to its berth at the pier.
a. Employment on a vessel: sought an officer's berth in the merchant marine.
b. A job: a comfortable berth as head of the department.
a. A built-in bed or bunk, as on a ship or a train.
b. A place to sleep or stay; accommodations: found a berth in a nearby hotel.
5. A space where a vehicle can be parked, as for loading.
v. berthed, berth·ing, berths
1. To bring (a vessel) to a berth.
2. To provide with a berth.
To come to a berth; dock.
a wide berth
Ample space or distance to avoid an unwanted consequence: gave their angry colleague a wide berth.

[Middle English birth; perhaps akin to beren, to bear; see bear1.]
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Located at stand CH-11, staff will be available to discuss both the 2012 Annual Berth rates (starting from AED 16,455 inclusive of a berth at 2012 Formula 1 week) and the 2012 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix berthing tariffs which start from 10,395 AED.
She added: "That ancient pounds 1 per year berthing right does not require the council to maintain the waterway even though we removed rocks and underwater obstacles from the area some time ago.
As part of the opening, the mar-ina is offering a two-year free berthing promotion for the first ten customers.