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tr.v. be·sought (-sôt′) or be·seeched, be·seech·ing, be·seech·es
1. To address an earnest or urgent request to; implore: beseech them for help. See Synonyms at beg.
2. To request earnestly; beg for: "She unnerved him by receiving him in bed, bursting into tears, and beseeching his pardon" (Leo Damrosch).

[Middle English bisechen, from Old English besēcan : be-, be- + sēcan, to seek; see seek.]

be·seech′er n.
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The adorer had become the adored, the beseecher the besought.
The petition ends with a plea whose desperation exceeds formal convention, saying that the monks are "not willing to abide no man's correction, but utterly despise your suppliant," and so "your said beseecher prays your good lordship, considering that he has neither of might nor of power to punish the said misdoers, and has no ordinary within the realm of England to complain to, that the said misdoers might be punished." (51)
Pity signals a courtly lover's readiness to grant favor to a beseecher; it would "warm [Caesar's] spirits" if Cleopatra would leave Antony and place herself in Caesar's protection (3.13.70-73).