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tr.v. be·seemed, be·seem·ing, be·seems Archaic
To be appropriate for; befit.

[Middle English bisemen : bi-, be- + semen, to seem; see seem.]
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from your dreaming In violet bowers, To duty beseeming These star-litten hours - And shake from your tresses Encumber'd with dew The breath of those kisses That cumber them too -(O !
This entails that the jobs must be well-defined, recruitment and selection are transparent, employees are compensated proportionally and handsomely for what they deliver, grievances are redressed in a beseeming manner, promotions are predominantly based not on seniority but on merit and performance and that the high-performance employees are kept motivated and retained for a longer period of time.
Jean Bodin proposes a direct counterargument: "Herodotus writeth, That in his time they were by the customes of all people accounted base, which vsed handy-craftes: of which opinion we read Xenophon also to haue beene, who yet yeeldeth a reason thereof not beseeming a philosopher; as forsooth that men of such occupations were still busied, and led a close and sedentarie life: for what can bee more painful or troublesome than the Generalls life?
but mercy, you will say, is a commendable thing, and well beseeming the seat of a Prince.
Thus I complaind, but Love unlockt his quiver, Tooke out the shaft, ordaind my hart to shiver: And bent his sinewy bow upon his knee, Saying, Poet, heers a worke beseeming thee.
But the Prince also admits that the Capulets and the Montagues "Have thrice disturb'd the quiet of our streets, / And made Verona's ancient citizens / Cast by their grave beseeming ornaments / To wield old partisans" (Li.91-94).