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in addition to: Who is going besides me?
Not to be confused with:
beside – at the side of: She stood beside me.
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1. In addition; also: I could smell the ocean, some pine trees, and something else besides.
2. Moreover; furthermore: I'm too tired to go for a walk. Besides, it's raining.
3. Otherwise; else: has been to Mexico but nowhere besides.
1. In addition to: She was given a scholarship besides the award.
2. Except for; other than: No one besides the owner could control the angry dog.

[Middle English : biside, at the side; see beside + -es, adv. suff.; see -s3.]
Usage Note: Some critics argue that beside and besides should be kept distinct when they are used as prepositions. According to that argument, beside is used only to mean "at the side of," as in There was no one in the seat beside me. For the meanings "in addition to" and "except for" besides should be used: Besides replacing the back stairs, she fixed the broken banister. No one besides Smitty would say a thing like that. But this distinction is often ignored, even by widely respected writers. While it is true that besides can never mean "at the side of," beside regularly appears in print in place of besides. Using beside in this way can be ambiguous, however; the sentence There was no one beside him at the table could mean that he had the table to himself or that the seats next to him were not occupied. See Usage Note at together.
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apart from; even considering: besides costing too much, the scheme is impractical.
sentence connector
anyway; moreover
as well
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1. moreover; furthermore; also: Besides, I promised them we would come.
2. in addition: There are three elm trees and two maples besides.
3. otherwise; else: They had a roof over their heads but not much besides.
4. in addition to: Besides his mother he has a sister to support.
5. other than; except: no one here besides us.
[1175–1225; Middle English bisides]
usage: See beside.
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1. 'beside'

If one thing is beside another, it is next to it or at the side of it.

Beside the shed was a huge tree.
I sat down beside my wife.
2. 'besides' used as a preposition

Besides means 'in addition to' or 'as well as'.

What languages do you know besides Arabic and English?
There was only one person besides Jacques who knew Lorraine.
3. 'besides' used to link clauses

You can use besides to introduce a clause beginning with an -ing form.

He writes novels and poems, besides working as a journalist.
Besides being good company, he was always ready to try anything.

Be Careful!
You must use an -ing form in sentences like these. Don't say, for example, 'He writes novels and poems besides he works as a journalist'.

4. 'besides' used as an adverb

You can use besides when you are making an additional point or giving an additional reason that you think is important.

I'll only be gone for five days, and besides, you'll have fun while I'm away.
The house was too big. Besides, we couldn't afford it.
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Adv.1.besides - making an additional point; anyway; "I don't want to go to a restaurant; besides, we can't afford it"; "she couldn't shelter behind him all the time and in any case he wasn't always with her"
2.besides - in additionbesides - in addition; "he has a Mercedes, too"
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1. apart from, barring, excepting, other than, excluding, as well (as), in addition to, over and above I think she has many good qualities besides being beautiful.
1. also, too, further, otherwise, in addition, as well, moreover, furthermore, what's more, into the bargain Besides, today's young people have grown up knowing only a Conservative government.
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بالأضا فَةِ إلىبالأضافَةِ إلىباِلإضَافَة إِلىبِالإضَافَةِ إلى ذَلِك
paitsisitä paitsi
osim togauz to
fyrir utanòar aî auki
polegrazen tega
นอกจาก อีกด้วยนอกจากนี้
üstelikyanı sıraayrıcabir debundan başka
bên cạnhngoài ra


1. (= in addition to) → además de, aparte de
there were three of us besides Maryéramos tres además de or aparte de Mary
there are others besides ourselves who might be interestedademás de nosotros or aparte de nosotros hay otros que pueden estar interesados
besides which he was unwellaparte de eso estaba malo, además estaba malo
2. (= apart from) → aparte de
no one besides you has the keynadie, aparte de ti, tiene la llave
Thomas was the only blond in the family, besides the motherThomas era el único rubio de la familia, aparte de la madre
1. (= in addition) → además
he wrote a novel and several short stories besidesescribió una novela y además varias narraciones cortas
and much more besidesy mucho más todavía
2. (= anyway) → además
I didn't want to invite him, and besides, he said he was busyno quería invitarlo, además dijo que estaba ocupado
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(= as well) → en plus
and more besides → et d'autres encore
and many more besides → et beaucoup d'autres encore
and much more besides → entre autres
(= anyway) → d'ailleurs, du reste
Besides, it's too expensive → Du reste, c'est trop cher.
prep (= as well as) → en plus de (= apart from) → à part
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(= in addition)außerdem, obendrein; he wrote a novel and several short stories besideser hat einen Roman und außerdem noch mehrere Kurzgeschichten geschrieben; many more besidesnoch viele mehr; have you got any others besides?haben Sie noch andere or noch welche?
(= anyway, moreover)außerdem
(= in addition to)außer; others besides ourselvesaußer uns noch andere; there were three of us besides MaryMary nicht mitgerechnet, waren wir zu dritt; besides which he was unwellüberdies or außerdem fühlte er sich nicht wohl
(= except)außer, abgesehen von
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1. prep (in addition to) → oltre a; (apart from) → all'infuori di, a parte
besides which ... → per di più...
2. adv (in addition) → inoltre; (anyway) → poi, del resto, per di più
and more besides → e altro ancora
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(biˈsaid) preposition
1. by the side of or near. beside the window; She sat beside her sister.
2. compared with. She looks ugly beside her sister.
beˈsides preposition
in addition to. Is anyone coming besides John?
also. These shoes are expensive – besides, they're too small; She has three sons and an adopted one besides.
be beside oneself (with)
to be in a state of very great, uncontrolled emotion. She was beside herself with excitement as her holiday approached.
be beside the point
to be irrelevant. You will have to go. Whether you want to go is beside the point.
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باِلإضَافَة إِلى, بِالإضَافَةِ إلى ذَلِك mimoto, navíc desuden, udover außerdem, darüber hinaus επιπλέον, επίσης además, además de paitsi, sitä paitsi de même, en outre osim toga, uz to inoltre, oltre a ・・・に加えて, その上 ~외에, 게다가 bovendien, naast dessuten, foruten ponadto, poza tym além de, além disso кроме того, помимо dessutom, förutom นอกจาก อีกด้วย, นอกจากนี้ üstelik, yanı sıra bên cạnh, ngoài ra 此外, 除了…
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References in classic literature ?
Besides, there would be another inconvenience attending this proposal, for what is common to many is taken least care of; for all men regard more what is their own than what others share with them in, to which they pay less attention than is incumbent on every one: let me add also, that every one is more negligent of what another is to see to, as well as himself, than of his own private business; as in a family one is often worse served by many servants than by a few.
Besides, we cannot have cares, and anxieties, and toil, without hope--if it be but the hope of fulfilling our joyless task, accomplishing some needful project, or escaping some further annoyance.
But besides this, another trait in his character has become apparent, and as it is a good trait we will make haste to reveal it.
Besides, it has been divined by other continental commentators, that when Jonah was thrown overboard from the Joppa ship, he straightway effected his escape to another vessel near by, some vessel with a whale for a figure-head; and, I would add, possibly called The Whale, as some craft are nowadays christened the Shark, the Gull, the Eagle.
Besides, by how much the worse man he represented his brother to be, so much the greater would his own offence appear to Allworthy, and so much the greater, he had reason to imagine, would be his resentment.
Besides these senses of the word, there is a fourth.
The family had five allotments, besides renting other land.
But he was very busy now, for he had to cook and mend, besides getting food, for there was no one to help him.
Besides, if you take my advice, and resolve to marry De Courcy, it will be indispensably necessary to you to get Mainwaring out of the way; and you only can have influence enough to send him back to his wife.
A numerous nobility causeth poverty, and inconvenience in a state; for it is a surcharge of expense; and besides, it being of necessity, that many of the nobility fall, in time, to be weak in fortune, it maketh a kind of disproportion, between honor and means.
Besides, nobody came thither but the three Musketeers; they had all been engaged in earnest search and inquiries, but had discovered nothing.
I was then in Germany, attracted thither by the wars in that country, which have not yet been brought to a termination; and as I was returning to the army from the coronation of the emperor, the setting in of winter arrested me in a locality where, as I found no society to interest me, and was besides fortunately undisturbed by any cares or passions, I remained the whole day in seclusion, with full opportunity to occupy my attention with my own thoughts.