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tr.v. be·sieged, be·sieg·ing, be·sieg·es
1. To surround with hostile forces: The soldiers besieged the walled city.
2. To crowd around; hem in: Fans besieged the star as she came out of the hotel.
3. To harass or overwhelm, as with requests: a shop owner besieged by job applications.

[Middle English besegen, probably alteration of assegen, from Old French assegier, from Vulgar Latin *assedicāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Vulgar Latin *sedicāre, to sit; see siege.]

be·siege′ment n.
be·sieg′er n.


1. the state of being besieged
2. the act of besieging
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A prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops:
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Eastern Ghouta's suffering - after long years of besiegement and multiple chemical attacks, including 2013's devastating use of sarin - has escalated again.
Already this year, regime attacks on civilians have spiked and Assad has continued his besiegement of east Ghouta, leading a United Nations official to decry the situation as"outrageous.
Despite displaying different strategies for navigating white belonging in the context of black majority rule, McIntosh's and Pilossof and Boersema's case studies both suggest that whiteness in Africa is increasingly emerging as victim--hood or besiegement, albeit in a variety of different manifestations.
Deir Ezzor, SANA -- After more than three years of besiegement, residents of Deir Ezzor city are impatiently awaiting the break of the ISIS-imposed blockade and carefully following up the victories of the Syrian Army on all the battling axes in the countryside of Deir Ezzor Province, Governor Mohammad Ibrahim said on Monday.
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has delivered food to displaced people in seven hard-to-reach areas in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor governorates in northern Syria, where regular deliveries of humanitarian assistance have been suspended for more than three years due to conflict and besiegement.
Gemayel made these remarks during a ceremony organized by Kataeb in Zahle in honor of the city's fighters during its besiegement in 1981.
Due to the violence and besiegement, east Aleppo has not been reached with humanitarian assistance since early July of this year," he said.
OCHA confirmed that they are facing an unparalleled humanitarian catastrophe in eastern Aleppo, and due to the violence and besiegement, east Aleppo has not been reached with humanitarian assistance since early July of this year.
He cited the situation in eastern Aleppo, which he said 'remains extremely severe, to the point of it being de facto besiegement.
Since August 6, Khanasser Road, the main access route into west Aleppo has also been cut, bringing the total number of civilians living in de facto fear of besiegement to over two million.
This brought the total number of civilians in the city under "de facto fear of besiegement to over 2 million," the U.
When the nineteen-year-old Goethe visited Dresden in 1768 and viewed the city from the tower of the Frauenkirche, he was stunned, as he reported in Dichtung und Wahrheit (9:324), by "den zerstorten und verodeten Zustand so mancher Strasse" following the besiegement of the city by Prussian troops in 1760.