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tr.v. be·sieged, be·sieg·ing, be·sieg·es
1. To surround with hostile forces: The soldiers besieged the walled city.
2. To crowd around; hem in: Fans besieged the star as she came out of the hotel.
3. To harass or overwhelm, as with requests: a shop owner besieged by job applications.

[Middle English besegen, probably alteration of assegen, from Old French assegier, from Vulgar Latin *assedicāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Vulgar Latin *sedicāre, to sit; see siege.]

be·siege′ment n.
be·sieg′er n.


1. the state of being besieged
2. the act of besieging
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A prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops:
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He said there group's crippling besiegement has already left residents unable to pay for basic necessities.
After 3 years of besiegement by the Syrian regime, the recent wave of violence in Yarmouk by different fighting sides is putting the population living in the camp at serious risk," said EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in a Declaration on behalf of the 28-member European bloc.
To ignore such attacks against Palestinian places of worship is tragic not just in and of itself but also for what it represents: a wholesale neglect of the Palestinian cause, the ordinary citizens who are living under occupation or besiegement, not to mention the millions of Palestinians living as refugees.
Torture, barrel bombs, besiegement of civilian areas leading to deaths due to hunger and what not
The Israeli operation led to the killing of hundreds of Palestinians, the reoccupation of major Palestinian towns, the destruction of Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah, and the subsequent besiegement of the Palestinian leader in his barely standing office.
Misr Al-Qawia Party issued a statement calling on Abdallah to investigate previous violent incidents including clashes at the Itihadiya presidential palace, violence in the Canal cities, and the besiegement of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
He, along with Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists, protested the besiegement of Nabi Saleh by the illegal Jewish settlement of Halamish.