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tr.v. be·spoke (-spōk′), be·spo·ken (-spō′kən) or be·spoke, be·speak·ing, be·speaks
a. To be or give a sign of; indicate: "Their impeccable coiffures bespoke a recent trip to the beauty parlor" (Daniel B. Silver). See Synonyms at indicate.
b. To foretell; portend: "He salutes them with a stricken look, as if their arrival bespeaks doom for him" (Edna O'Brien).
a. To engage, hire, or order in advance: "Some of the volumes that she had just bespoken the bookseller was to send to foreign countries" (Henry James). See Synonyms at book1.
b. To request: bespeak a favor.
3. Archaic To speak to; address.

[Middle English bispeken, to speak out, from Old English besprecan, to speak about.]



v.t. -spoke, -spo•ken -spoke, -speak•ing.
1. to ask for in advance; request.
2. to reserve beforehand: to bespeak a seat in a theater.
3. to speak to formally; address.
4. to show; indicate: This bespeaks a kindly heart.
5. to foretell.
[before 900]
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Adj.1.bespoken - (of clothing) custom-madebespoken - (of clothing) custom-made    
custom, custom-made - made according to the specifications of an individual
2.bespoken - pledged to be marriedbespoken - pledged to be married; "the engaged couple"
committed, attached - associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
References in classic literature ?
Suffice it for all third persons to know--what Rosalind indeed has never known, and what I hope no reader will be fool enough to tell her--that Orlando was for the moment hopelessly and besottedly faithless to his wife, and that my services had been bespoken in the very narrowest nick of time.
The wall stood there before his eyes, exactly as he had bespoken it!
She was bespoken yesterday at Port Said, and the rest of the way is of no account to such a craft.