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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - most familiar or renowned; "Stevenson's best-known work is probably `Treasure Island'"
known - apprehended with certainty; "a known quantity"; "the limits of the known world"; "a musician known throughout the world"; "a known criminal"
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Indeed, one of his best-known poems, "The Return to the Mountains", makes mention of the projection of the astral body through space during sleep.
The "Hymn to Hermes" differs from others in its burlesque, quasi- comic character, and it is also the best-known of the Hymns to English readers in consequence of Shelley's translation.
1066 TO ABOUT 1350 [Footnote: Scott's 'Ivanhoe,' the best-known work of fiction dealing with any part of this period, is interesting, but as a picture of life at the end of the twelfth century is very misleading.
Poe's initial salary with the "Southern Literary Messenger," to which he contributed the first drafts of a number of his best-known tales, was $10 a week!
ARCHITECT Cesar Pelli, known for designing some of the world's tallest and best-known buildings, including the One Park West flats complex, in Liverpool, has die,d aged 92.
Summary: He's one of India's best-known comedians with a huge fan following
A novelist, poet, essayist, and academic, Mabanckou is among the most celebrated and successful writers in the French language and one of the best-known African writers in France.
Get to Know Horse Breeds: The 100 Best-Known Breeds.
Although best-known for playing the dopey road sweeper in Only Fools And Horses, Lloyd-Pack appeared in dozens of films and TV shows including a regular role as farmer Owen Newitt in The Vicar Of Dibley.
In a commemorative ceremony held beforehand, pianist Meral GE-neyman performed Mimaroy-lu's best-known composition.
"I got this idea of interviewing some of the best-known people in the town and asking them what they did, how they lived their lives and what they did in the town."