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 (bĕs′chəl, bēs′-)
1. Of or resembling a beast: a bestial roar.
2. Marked by brutality or depravity; brutal or depraved: capable of the most bestial acts imaginable.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin bēstiālis, from Latin bēstia, beast.]

bes′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.bestially - in an inhumane mannerbestially - in an inhumane manner; "she treated her husband bestially"
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Moreover, the conviction of not being utterly destroyed returned to him through the sensations of being half-drowned, bestially shaken, and partly choked.
She, like her husband, was shy, and, furthermore, ill, and furthermore, so bestially stupid that she could not grasp what was happening.
He called upon the British Parliamentary Delegation to create awareness among the public at large about the human rights violations in the held territory and sought their support to fully expose the fascist face of Indian regime, where minorities are bestially persecuted.
In addition, we have become bestially cruel careerists.
It is not up to anyone to say 'Move on' to the families of the tortured, who saw the bodies of their loved ones strangled and bestially beaten as if they weren't human.
His features are heavy, dull, almost bovine." (15) The Mennonites were portrayed as almost bestially boorish in appearance, manners, and intelligence.