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tr.v. be·strode (-strōd′), be·strid·den (-strĭd′n), be·strid·ing, be·strides
1. To sit or stand on with the legs astride; straddle.
2. To dominate by position; tower over: "Hitler's ghost, the specter that ... bestrides mid-twentieth-century history" (Economist).
3. Archaic To step or stride across.

[Middle English bistriden, from Old English bestrīdan : be-, be- + strīdan, to mount a horse; see stride.]
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References in classic literature ?
He bestrode it as a lion in the pride of strength, with shield and spear before him and a cry of battle on his lips resolute to kill the first that should dare face him.
One, it happened, bestrode Tom's house, which looked still more retiring and apologetic beneath its immensity; and another giant stood just inside the corner of his garden, which was still not built upon and unchanged, except for a couple of advertisement boards, one recommending a two-and-sixpenny watch, and one a nerve restorer.
The sign was suspended from a common ale-house post, and represented the figure of a horseman, armed with sabre and pistols, and surmounted by a bear-skin cap, with a fiery animal that he bestrode “rampant.” All these particulars were easily to be seen by the aid of the moon, together with a row of somewhat illegible writing in black paint, but in which Elizabeth, to whom the whole was familiar, read with facility, “The Bold Dragoon.”
Kolkata Knight Riders' Andre Russell bestrode the RCB bowler as he smashed seven maximums and scored 48 runs off just 13 balls helping his side chase a colossal target of 205 to beat the bottom-placed RCB.
The Skeltons have bestrode eight months of the jumps season but earlier wins for multiple champion trainers Paul Nicholls and Nicky Henderson had seen the Alcester stable momentarily drop to second in the championship table.
According to Okowa, the late Justice Kutigi was a Minister in the Temple of Justice who bestrode the bench with unquestionable integrity, dignity and contributed immensely to the growth of Nigeria's jurisprudence, adding that Nigeria would miss the wisdom and wise counsel of the late CJN, noting, 'We are left with the consolation that he served Nigeria creditably.'
The angry workers happily bestrode their rides, mostly buses parked in the empty plots of the area, after Imran assured them of reconsidering the nominations of the party tickets for the upcoming general elections in next three days.
An heroic media figure for more than four decades, Di bestrode the diverse worlds of politics, literature, food and fashion.
And there's no denying that each and every one of them bestrode, or bestrides, their sport in a way most of their competitors have never come close to.
While Blair bestrode the globe living the life of a political rock star, making millions from dodgy dictators, they have lived in limbo, tormented by questions- the main one being: "Did my child die for nothing?"
With a High Court battle effectively seeing his family at war, and seven years after suffering a heart attack, the father of eight bestrode the Barclaycard Arena looking like he was having the time of his life.