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Adj.1.bestubbled - having a short growth of beardbestubbled - having a short growth of beard; "his stubbled chin"
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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The latest politician to take a stab at cool is Christian Lindner, the 38-year-old leader of the pro-business Free Democratic Party, who poses for campaign posters with his face bestubbled, his shirt collar unbuttoned.
The pic even goes so far as to repurpose a "Thrones" star, Kit Harington, as its bestubbled slave hero, Milo, known to the Empire as the Celt--one of the few survivors of a quashed rebellion.
Rather, Eagleton means to contrast the miseries of these countries with the well-being of western elites, so he adds that, while these countries suffered such miseries, "the bestubbled executives of the metropolitan nations tore off their ties, threw open their shirt necks, and worried about their employees' spiritual well-being" (4).