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alpha version, preview version, beta version - Alpha version describes a development status that usually means the first complete version of a program or application, which is most likely unstable, but is useful to show what the product will do to, usually, a selected group—and is also called preview version; the beta version is usually the last version before wide release, often tested by users under real-world conditions.
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As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile developers have provided links to download the new beta version. Android users can click here to download the game file, while iOS users need to sign up for TestFlight here.
While for iOS users, WhatsApp is rolling out the Short Link feature with Business beta version and is already available on both the regular Android and WhatsApp Business for Android apps.
Even though the iPhone X maker did not specify the issue it was referring to, ( AppleInsider has learned from tips that the problem has to do with the long wait times when trying to install the first beta version of the upcoming update. 
The users can try out the new feature by installing the beta version of Gboard.
Earlier, Radley said that it was correct that tens of thousands of persons were 'testing' the beta version since 2005 while replacing the word 'using' as advanced by Haris.
Yandex released the beta version of its new browser on Thursday, which promises enhancements in privacy for users, and a minimalist interface which does away with the search bar altogether, once a webpage is opened.
United Airlines said it has unveiled the beta version of its new homepage and flight booking features for
The new SDK holds immense potential and it is up to iPad developers like us to use those tools in the most effective way.” The developers also said that since, Apple's iOS 6 has already stirred the mobile application development market with its beta version, the demand for iOS apps is going to shoot up, and, they should be ready to meet the demands.
In this new beta version, DVDFab added supports for ass/ssa, UTF-8 and unicode subtitle files in Video Converter, DVD Creator and Blu-ray Creator, which should meet the long-term demand on this feature.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 7, 2012-Sony Computer Entertainment to release open beta version of PlayStation Suite SDK in April(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Beacon IT, provider of an information portal solution called infoScoop, reported yesterday the release of the beta version of its infoScoop for Google Apps.