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Noun1.beta-interferon - a form of interferon that is produced by fibroblasts and have antiviral effectsbeta-interferon - a form of interferon that is produced by fibroblasts and have antiviral effects; used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
interferon - an antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus; inhibits replication of the virus
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Beta-interferon protects multiple sclerosis patients against enhanced susceptibility to infections caused by poor air quality.
Some were on beta-interferon before starting on glatiramer acetate.
Thousands of patients who could benefit from beta-interferon were being 'forced to sit on the sidelines', said Mr Cardy.
I WAS wondering what had happened to your campaign against the restricted use of beta-interferon.
Recently, trials have been done that have proved beta-interferon can help people with secondary progressive MS.
Beta-interferon can vastly improve quality of life for patients with MS, the most common neurological disease affecting young adults in Britain.
One gene encodes a therapeutic protein such as Beta-interferon, Angiostatin, Endostatin, interleukin-2, p53, or granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor.
Stuart, "in the sense that we've gotten more experience with Betaseron[R], the first beta-interferon drug, and Avonex[TM], recently approved by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA)." He adds that last fall an FDA advisory panel gave clearance to another MS-fighting drug, Copaxone[R], which is slated for agency approval early this year.

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