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n. pl. bet·o·nies
Any of several plants of the widespread genus Stachys in the mint family, especially S. officinalis, native to Eurasia and northern Africa and having spikes of usually reddish-purple flowers. It was formerly used as an herbal medicine. Also called wood betony, woundwort.

[Middle English, from Old French betoine, from Medieval Latin betōnia, both from Latin vettōnica, probably from Vettōnēs, an ancient Iberian tribe.]


n, pl -nies
1. (Plants) a Eurasian plant, Stachys (or Betonica) officinalis, with a spike of reddish-purple flowers, formerly used in medicine and dyeing: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
2. (Plants) any of several related plants of the genus Stachys
3. (Plants) wood betony a North American scrophulariaceous plant, Pedicularis canadensis. See also lousewort
[C14: from Old French betoine, from Latin betonica, variant of vettonica, probably named after the Vettones, an ancient Iberian tribe]


(ˈbɛt n i)

n., pl. -nies.
1. a plant, Stachys (formerly Betonica) officinalis, of the mint family, having dense spikes of purple flowers, formerly used in medicine and dyeing.
2. any of various similar plants, esp. of the genus Pedicularis.
[1300–50; Middle English beteyne, betoyne (< Anglo-French) < Medieval Latin betōnia, Latin betōnica (Pliny), in earlier readings vettōnica (herba) Vettonic (herb) (Vettōn(ēs) an Iberian tribe + -ica, feminine of -icus -ic)]


[ˈbɛtənɪ] nerba betonica
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Upstairs from bistro Betony, the space previously occupied by J.
Crosnes bloom with attractive, purple, spiky flowers that look similar to betony blossoms--not surprising, as the two are botanically related.
Collections were also made from species such as black knapweed, betony, common rock rose, woodruff and pig nut.
Thirteen-year-old Betony hated going to her cranky great-grandmother's house; she'd rather be anywhere else.
Monica added: "If a headache has already started, betony is a fantastic herb, especially when combined with California poppy.
Thirteen-year-old Betony has always dreaded having to visit her great-grandmother.
A botanical survey carried out in 2013 revealed the site's existing meadows to have a high biodiversity value, including a number of important species historically associated with old hay meadows such as greater burnet, betony and pepper saxifrage.
Necementove malty a betony [Non-cement mortars and concretes].
Fiona has not met Olympic qualifying standard for Sochi 2014, but she still has some races to try and reach the standard," said Betony Garner, British SKI and Snowboard's senior press officer.