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Noun1.beurre noisette - clarified butter browned slowly and seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and capers
butter - an edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning milk or cream; for cooking and table use
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Beurre Noisette - Heat a pan until very hot then add 100g of butter, heating until golden brown; add walnuts and pine nuts with juice of 1/2 lemon and a dash ofWorcestershire sauce.
The mains menu includes The Oyster Club's take on posh fish and chips (tempura halibut with crushed mint peas and tartare sauce for PS24, chips as a side at PS4.50), roasted turbot on the bone with a beurre noisette and brown shrimps (PS29.50) and fish pie with lobster (PS35).
Ratatouille, another classic French dish, was interpreted by Menoy Gimenez of Tito Chef, while Gene Gonzalez of Cafe Ysabel served tarte tatin, with mulled red wine ice cream and sauce beurre noisette.
Elsewhere, chef Gene Gonzalez chatted with chef Martin Kaspar of L'Entrecote about his salmon carpaccio with oysters, chives and walnut oil vinaigrette (later, we finished things off sampling chef Gonzalez's tarte tatin with mulled red wine ice cream and sauce beurre noisette).
The pairing of scallops and hazelnuts is a classic, often simply seared and doused with beurre noisette (browned butter) with some toasted hazelnuts thrown in for good measure.
I chose the sour dough served with Marmite butter (PS3.50), the pollock, cauliflower, potted shrimp, apple and cider beurre noisette (PS10.50).
Replicate the standard at Pavilion in Utopia, Baos Fine Dining Restaurant at Myconian Korali and also at the Ambassador (I have to mention beef ragu with chilli jam, truffle, foie gras, cheese cream and beurre noisette) and you get a feel for how much the food adds to your Myconian holiday.
Examples from the current menu include: Toasted Focaccia (made with Gilchesters flour from Northumberland) and Cultured Butter (from Acorn Dairy, Darlington) (v) Cured Coppa (from Sewingshields heritage breed pork, cured in-house) & Caramelised Apple (gf ), Organic Radishes (from Hexhamshire Organics), Cultured Cream (from Acorn Dairy) & Wild Garlic Salt (foraged in Wallsend) (v, gf ), Hepple Gin (distilled by the Lake District's Moorland Spirit Co) Salmon Crudo, Cucumber & Keta (gf ), Herb Fed Chicken Breast (from Herb Fed in North Yorkshire), Celeriac & Smoked Beurre Noisette (Acorn Dairy) (gf) Bergamot Cheesecake, Rhubarb (from North Yorkshire) & Caramac (v).
Heat until the butter starts to turn brown to create a Beurre Noisette, finely grate around 1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg into the pan and add another 1/2 a teaspoon of salt to the mixture and then add the shrimps and gently heat for around five minutes.
Kirkoswald, Ayrshire SOUTER'S INN THE DRINK Pint of lager (Amstel) PS3.55 Fresh orange and lemonade PS2.25 Prosecco - glass (20cl) PS4.95 Vodka and coke PS3.95 Top cocktail Mojito - the Cuban classic with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint PS5.95 THE FOOD Star dish Chicken schnitzel (with beurre noisette), caramelised pineapple and bacon PS10.50
A browned butter sauce, what French cooks call beurre noisette, tastes rich and nutty.
AND narrator India Fisher in MasterChef's childhood family favourite round: "Giovanna has made rolled rabbit loin saltimbocca, stuffed with rabbit leg and liver with a pumpkin-and- apple puree, toasted hazelnuts and a beurre noisette."