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1. The angle or inclination of a line or surface that meets another at any angle but 90°.
2. Two rules joined together as adjustable arms used to measure or draw angles of any size or to fix a surface at an angle. Also called bevel square.
v. bev·eled, bev·el·ing, bev·els or bev·elled or bev·el·ling
To cut at an inclination that forms an angle other than a right angle: beveled the edges of the table.
To be inclined; slant.

[From Middle French *bevel, bevel square (source of Modern French biveau), from Old French *baivel, from diminutive of baif, open-mouthed, from baer, to gape, from Vulgar Latin *batāre, to yawn, gape; see bay2.]
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Angled at a slant:
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Equidistant from one another and from the top and bottom, three strong bolts protruded from the beveled edge.
The front corner's beveled areas measure about 3/8" and the rear is about 1/8" as shown in the accompanying pictures.
Margins of a groove extension on the facial or lingual surface, however, need to be beveled at a 45[degrees] angle to the prepared wall [Roberson et al., 2006c].
Micromedics, a manufacturer of medical devices, introduces the Breeze[TM] Nasal Airway Splints, featuring a unique design with a tapered airway, beveled ends, and two suture holes.
To build the weir, it needs to be strong enough to stand on its own, and the top should be leveled and beveled to best suit the site.
EcoStar[TM], a manufacturer of premium steep-slope roofing products, offers Beveled tiles as part of its Majestic Slate[TM] Designer Series, which also includes Chisel Point and Beaver Tail tiles; all manufactured using 100% recyclable rubber and plastic polymers.
We do a lot of animation work here, and the thicker plys help us to keep the glass off of the artwork while we cut holes in the corners to let colors come through on the underneath beveled mat."
THE Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in Nateby lost one of its much- loved characters on July 21 in Master Beveled, known to close friends as Stick due to a lean, rangy appearance in his early days.
You know, the neck of the foot." The foot is not fully pointed-straight up and down, with the toes aiming directly to the floor; it is angled or slanted back, in a beveled position.
Both designs have beveled edges with black mirror finishes and hold 3-1/2-by-5-inch and 5-by-7-inch photos.