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tr.v. be·wailed, be·wail·ing, be·wails
1. To cry over; lament: bewail the dead.
2. To express sorrow or unhappiness over: "Hour after hour he sat bewailing his plight" (Amitav Ghosh).

[Middle English biwailen : bi-, be- + wailen; see wail.]

be·wail′er n.
be·wail′ment n.
References in classic literature ?
A HEAVY Operator overtaken by a Reverse of Fortune was bewailing his sudden fall from affluence to indigence.
The General used Sir Richard with all humanity, and left nothing unattempted that tended to his recovery, highly commending his valour and worthiness, and greatly bewailing the danger in which he was, being unto them a rare spectacle, and a resolution seldom approved, to see one ship turn toward so many enemies, to endure the charge and boarding of so many huge Armadas, and to resist and repel the assaults and entries of so many soldiers.
Cayetano snapped back at Lopez after she kept bewailing the fact that people were suffering from the effects of mining, saying that all public servants were doing their best to pull people out from their misery.
And, while the government's big business pals maybe bewailing our exit from Europe, their tears will soon dry up when it comes to lobbying for the removal of sacred cows like the working time directive - which stops employers being able to make people work two shifts without an 11 hour break between.
Characters who at one moment are bewailing the indifferent behaviour of their girls (sporting beehive hairdos, bunchy kneelength skirts and in-your-face attitudes) appear suddenly as musicians and singers in the band.
And with Mourinho seeking two top-class front options after bewailing his lack of a "real striker" this term, the Blues' boss sees the former Dinamo Zagreb and Wolfsburg man as the ideal option.
THE Journal is constantly bewailing to all and sundry how the North East is a forgotten part of the country.
It is no good our Christian leaders bewailing what has happened but offering no positive advice.
Or perhaps they were bewailing their return to living in a dull backwater again, full of petty warring kingdoms and living at subsistence level, much like before the Romans arrived.
SIR - It was good to read Richard Marsden's article bewailing the endless Histories of Britain that turn out, infuriatingly, to be all about England ("Time to consign this view of the past to the history books
A YOU can sit around bewailing your lot or get off your backside and do something about it.
Sir," said a fellow-passenger to me, after bewailing the folly that tempted him to plunge his family into aggravated misfortune,--"we thought we couldn't be worse off than we war; but now to our sorrow we know the differ; for sure supposin we were dyin of starvation, or if the sickness overtuk us.