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 (bĭ-wĭs′kərd, -hwĭs′-)
Having whiskers.


having whiskers on the cheeks


(bɪˈʰwɪs kərd, -ˈwɪs-)

1. having whiskers; bearded.
2. stale; hoary: a bewhiskered joke.
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Adj.1.bewhiskered - having hair on the cheeks and chinbewhiskered - having hair on the cheeks and chin  
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved


[bɪˈwɪskəd] ADJbigotudo
References in classic literature ?
Next he noticed a bewhiskered, youthful-looking man, sitting at a roll-top desk, who regarded him curiously.
The bewhiskered individual, who looked like a Scotsman, had the Teutonic name of Von Blix, and spoke with a strong American accent.
Some talked of gray, bewhiskered hordes who were advancing with relentless curses and chewing tobacco with unspeakable valor; tremendous bodies of fierce soldiery who were sweeping along like the Huns.
Paul Meyer (Jrmie Renier), a bewhiskered blend of Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor who's at least ethical enough to stop being her shrink before becoming her lover.
After all, the event to be celebrated was spectacularly uninteresting the nation of Canada was founded not in blood and revolution, but by discussion and negotiation, bewhiskered men in nineteenth-century frock coats sitting around tables for palaver.
According to Pollock's own promotional materials, these bewhiskered baseballers were "the strangest of baseball's aggregations and a weird and eccentric attraction.
Both pieces tighten intertextual strands that expose difference as much as reveal similarity--whisker for lock--and which further secures the mock-heroic balancing of trifles and weightier matter, and that of The Rape of the Lock against its two bewhiskered offspring.
Bearing the mark of the reputable niche publishing house Francis Boutle (EFDSS having passed on the project), The Wanton Seed retains the page size of the revamped Marrow Bones but has a different look to it, a woodcut depicting bedchamber slap and tickle replacing the atmospheric period photograph of bewhiskered rustics.
In 1931/1935 the party was led by another bewhiskered leader, by the name of George Lansbury.
Undeterred, plucky Ted embarks on a quest to find his love token and along the way he meets the Lorax - the orange, bewhiskered guardian of the forest who proved so ineffectual.
Some more bewhiskered readers may remember it as the old pub the Observatory.
The bewhiskered former frontman of Oxford scamps Supergrass has lost no time in shaping his solo career.