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1. The condition of being confused or disoriented.
2. A situation of perplexity or confusion; a tangle: a bewilderment of lies and half-truths.
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(bɪˈwɪl dər mənt)

1. the state of being bewildered.
2. a confusing maze or tangle.
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  1. As confounding as the groom who drives into a stop sign on the way to his wedding —Amy Hempel
  2. As puzzling as a page in an unknown language —Henry James

    In James’ story, The Pupil the personality of one of the characters serves as a frame of reference for the comparison.

  3. Bewildering like a fruitless spring —Jean Garrigue
  4. Confounded utterly, like an orphan in solitary confinement —Jean Stafford
  5. Confused, like a mourner who has wandered into the wrong funeral parlor —James Crumley
  6. He’s as mixed up as the twentieth century —Clifford Odets
  7. Inexplicable as the birth of a star —Stephen Vincent Benét
  8. [Speaking candidly] muddled her like wine, or like a first breath of freedom —Kate Chopin
  9. Mysterious as the sea —Robert Traver
  10. So confused he’s like a hypnotized rabbit —Derek Lambert
  11. Wrinkled his long nose uncertainly, like a hound robbed of the scent by heavy rain —Donald Seaman
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Noun1.bewilderment - confusion resulting from failure to understandbewilderment - confusion resulting from failure to understand
confusedness, disarray, mental confusion, muddiness, confusion - a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior; "a confusion of impressions"
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noun confusion, puzzlement, disorientation, perplexity, bemusement, mystification, befuddlement He shook his head in bewilderment.
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ذُهول، إرْباك
ruglingur, fát


[bɪˈwɪldəmənt] Nperplejidad f, desconcierto m
to look around in bewildermentmirar alrededor perplejo or desconcertado
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[bɪˈwɪldərmənt] n
(= puzzlement) → perplexité f
(= confusion) → confusion f
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n (= confusion)Verwirrung f; (= bafflement)Verblüffung f, → Erstaunen nt; in bewildermentverwundert; his bewilderment was obviouser war offensichtlich verwirrt/verblüfft
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[bɪˈwɪldəmənt] nperplessità, sbalordimento
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(biˈwildə) verb
to amaze or puzzle. She was bewildered when her husband suddenly left her; bewildered by the instructions.
beˈwilderment noun
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References in classic literature ?
This explanation will, I trust, relieve those well-regulated minds, who cannot conceive of such literary lawlessness, from the bewilderment which they suffered when the same experiment was tried in a former book.
"You are the man." I don't like her steadily remembering those inquiries, in the first bewilderment of her success.
This, at any rate, is certain--his sparkling little gray eyes looked at me in undisguised bewilderment and alarm.
He entered the room and shut the door, and for a time stood in bewilderment, admiring the grandeur before him.
"Ask for Lantern Yard, father--ask this gentleman with the tassels on his shoulders a-standing at the shop door; he isn't in a hurry like the rest," said Eppie, in some distress at her father's bewilderment, and ill at ease, besides, amidst the noise, the movement, and the multitude of strange indifferent faces.
"Certainly," she replied, evidently enjoying my bewilderment.
And latterly, to her surprise and bewilderment, Princess Mary noticed that her father was really associating more and more with the Frenchwoman.
He stood red-faced and blinking, with his crooked arms outstretched, while a male hand, protruding from the window, kept piling up upon him a series of articles the sight of which filled the curious old ladies with bewilderment.
I was exhausted, shattered, in bewilderment. But behind the bewilderment the truth was already gleaming.
His bewilderment and his alarmed perplexity passed off, however, and his lips now twitched with rage as he continued to stare evilly at his laughing guest, while his countenance became absolutely livid.
The astonishment and bewilderment of the party had gradually given way to a boyish and impatient interest.
What if I should go straight in and march to HIS window?--what if, by risking to his boyish bewilderment a revelation of my motive, I should throw across the rest of the mystery the long halter of my boldness?