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tr.v. be·witched, be·witch·ing, be·witch·es
1. To place under one's power by magic; cast a spell over.
2. To captivate completely; fascinate. See Synonyms at charm.

[Middle English biwicchen : probably bi-, be- + wicchen (from Old English wiccian, from wicce, witch, or wicca, sorcerer); see weg- in Indo-European roots.]

be·witch′er n.
be·witch′er·y n.
be·witch′ing·ly adv.
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a bewitching power; charm
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Noun1.bewitchery - magnetic personal charmbewitchery - magnetic personal charm    
attractiveness - sexual allure
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"@sashafarber1 has me practicing all kinds of bewitchery for #dwts @dancingabc on Monday," Terra captioned the video.
bewitchery for feel pretty your toes with doesn't have to
With Murphy's inspired Odette, and with more subtle bewitchery as Odile, the audience responded with tears and then cheers as Murphy whipped off double and triple pirouettes during the 32 fouettes, at the same time winging her arms as if about to take flight.