bi-fold door

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flexible joint, hinge - a joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other
interior door - a door that closes off rooms within a building
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Easy to operate, the T4000 compact thermal bar code printer includes a bi-fold door that allows users to change media and ribbon in tight spaces while an illuminated 3.5-inch color display provides adequate light and easy navigation under any conditions.
The drawing room, featuring a bar in one corner and bi-fold door on to the garden, is ideal for entertaining family and friends.
Lastly, installing a bi-fold door may be an alternative, although not a very secure door and one that could be frowned upon from a privacy standpoint.
Considerations when picking an electric bi-fold door include whether the company that makes the hangar also makes the door--which simplifies construction and warranty work; the location of the motor, gear box and drive system--we've seen some that were stupidly located where they partially blocked access through the human door; the location of the control panel (we don't want to walk across the hangar to turn on the lights); safety factors in the door system and safety factors built into the lift cables or straps--they will eventually fray.
They come with complete instructions on how you can build your own bi-fold door," said Tim Stepanski, Marketing Manager for Custom Service Hardware.
Bi-fold door version comes with NSN 1095-01-599-5325 and retractable door version with NSN 1095-01-599-4882.
Access the center console storage through a bi-fold door below the controls or behind the removable backrest cushion upfront.
The new Swift opens the way to the future of bi-fold door design.
A bi-fold door is a set of panels with two or more hinged sections, and have become more popular in recent years due to their ease of use and aesthetic quality.
They have this four-panel grained bi-fold door. I can't give you a price as Howdens only sell to the trade, so you'll have to get your builder to buy it.
Part of the Phoenix range of industrial doors, the new Swift bi-fold door has many upgraded features while retaining the advantages of its original design.