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or bi·lev·el (bī′lĕv′əl)
1. Having or existing on two levels: a bi-level passenger coach; a bi-level marketing campaign.
2. Divided vertically into two ground-floor levels: a bi-level home.
A dwelling that is divided vertically into two ground-floor levels.
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Bi-level programming [1, 2, 3, 4] consists of the objective of the upper level decision maker (UDM) at its upper or first level and that of the lower level decision maker (LDM) at the lower or second level where every decision maker (DM) independently controls a set of decision variables.
Located at the ground floor, the Garden Suites and Garden Villas are spacious three and four-bedroom bi-level homes with an integrated 74 to 85 sqm private garden-a perfect space to celebrate life's best moments or a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Multiple studies have demonstrated the significant energy savings that bi-level, occupancy-based lighting controls can achieve in outdoor applications.
The bi-level office will accommodate 45 agents of the firm's 150 agents.
In addition to conventional subsurface drainage systems, there is another drainage system called bi-level drainage.
Moylan said, "bi-level" sidewalks will have to be created in some areas.
A jimped thumb-ramp and bi-level blade spine will soon become an industry standard once enthusiasts get their hands on this knife.
Commerce, CA, June 30, 2011 --( Deco Lighting - a leading manufacturer of energy saving, green technology commercial lighting fixtures and systems, announced their D511ib Parking luminaire was selected as the only Bi-Level Induction fixture to qualify for an exclusive $100 rebate in the Energy Technology Assistance Program (ETAP).
The resulting bi-level street has an upper-level riverfront boulevard, a lower-level roadway for commercial and through traffic.
They further state that the toothbrush provides a bi-level bristle design and its soft, tapered bristles are gentle on gums and oral tissue.
Unlike CPAP, bi-level PAP builds to a higher pressure when a patient inhales and decreases to a lower pressure when he or she exhales.