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n. pl. bia·lys
A flat, round baked roll with a depressed center topped with onion flakes.

[Short for Yiddish bialistoker (kukhn), (cake) from Bial̷ystok, bialy, from bialistoker, from Bial̷ystok.]
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n, pl bialys
(Cookery) (in Polish Ashkenazi cuisine) a type of bagel
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(biˈɑ li, ˈbyɑ-)

n., pl. -lies.
a round flat roll with a depression in the center, often topped with onion flakes.
[1960–65; < Yiddish]
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Noun1.bialy - flat crusty-bottomed onion roll
onion roll - yeast-raised roll flavored with onion
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As a result, the hydrocarbon flow from the reservoir to the wellbore is obtained (Economides and Nolte, 1989; Talib Syed, 2011; Kasza, 2011; Kasza and Wilk, 2012; Maslowski and Czupski, 2014; Maslowski et al., 2016; Maslowski and Bialy, 2016), as shown in Figure 1.
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