bias-ply tire

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bi·as-ply tire

A pneumatic tire having crossed layers of ply cord running diagonally to the tread.

bi′as-ply` tire′

a vehicle tire in which the main plies or cords run across the bead.
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St205 15" Bias-ply Tire Load Range C With Silver Mod Wheels Etc.
On more even terrain, the radial design provides a quieter, smoother ride than a conventional bias-ply tire, treading over small and large bumps with ease.
bias-ply tire value proposition shows a price advantage in favor of the bias-ply, sources say.
The radial-ply tire has widely replaced the bias-ply tire in developed countries, due to its higher cornering properties, greater tread mileage, and better wet grip.(15) It is defined as "a pneumatic tire in which the ply cords which extend to the beads are laid at substantially 90 degrees to the centerline of the tread."(16)
* Avoid mixing tires on a vehicle - for example, pairing a normal tread depth with a deep tread depth or a bias-ply tire with a radial.
[2] essentially stumbled onto the magnitude of this effect as it pertained to the then prevalent bias-ply tires in use, which resulted in their recommendation that for their test purposes the "tires were initially worn in by repeated running at limit cornering levels such that a stabilized side force performance was attained".