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Having two axes.

bi·ax′i·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
bi·ax′i·al·ly adv.


(esp of a crystal) having two axes


(baɪˈæk si əl)

1. having two axes.
2. (of a crystal) having two optical axes along which double refraction does not occur.
bi•ax`i•al′i•ty, n.
bi•ax′i•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.biaxial - having two axesbiaxial - having two axes; "biaxial crystals"


a. biaxial, que tiene dos ejes.
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delivery of 1 piece of equipment for biaxial tests of metallic and polymeric materials at combined stress, Pressure, Torque as specified in the tender dossier including other services (such as installation of equipment, Operator training, Commissioning, Transport to the buyer~s office, Etc.
The biaxial extension of elastomers has been accomplished by radial stretching of disks, balloon style extension of thin membranes, and by complex scissor grip systems all with reasonable success.
max lithium disilicate has an average biaxial strength of 500 MPa, which confirms the high success rates.
Taking stock of progress in the field, this collection describes the physics and chemistry of the biaxial nematic liquid crystal phase, characterization methods, and possible applications.
Therefore, this formulation could be used to evaluate reflection and transmission coefficients of an arbitrarily oriented biaxial slab.
HDPE/HDPE-g-MA (95/5) and HDPE/HDPE-g-MA/clay with [alpha] values of 1 to 4 were melt compounded using a twin screw extruder, and then processed via three different routes: compression moulding, compression moulding followed by biaxial stretching or blown film extrusion.
15 -- Larson Electronics has launched a powerful LED trouble light to its line of LED work lights, which produces four times the illumination of a comparable biaxial fluorescent bulb trouble light.
The sensor reacts to the mechanical force in biaxial area.
New features and enhancements in ASAP 2010 V1R1 include additional library resources, enhancements to the BRO Digitizer and REMOTE features, biaxial birefringence modeling, support for the import and export of new photometric data formats, updated CAD interoperability, as well as other software repairs and enhancements.
Some chapter topics include formation of biaxial crystalline texture by oblique ion bombardment, inclined substrate deposition of biaxially textured magnesium oxide films, and ion-beam assisted pulsed laser deposition of textured transition-metal nitride films.
Users wishing to perform biaxial tests in tension/compression and torsion have several options.