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1. A piece of cloth or plastic secured under the chin and worn, especially by small children, to protect the clothing while eating.
a. The part of an apron or pair of overalls worn over the chest: "The day my son Laurie started kindergarten he renounced corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt" (Shirley Jackson).
b. Bibbed overalls worn while skiing.
c. A piece of cloth or plastic bearing a number, usually worn over the chest or back, identifying a competitor in a race.
3. A patch of differently colored feathers or fur on the throat or chest of a bird or mammal.
tr. & intr.v. bibbed, bib·bing, bibs
To drink or indulge in drinking.

[Probably from Middle English bibben, to drink heartily, from Latin bibere; see pō(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

bib′ber n.


a drinker; tippler (esp in the expression wine-bibber)


(ˈbɪb ər)

a steady drinker; tippler.
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Donna Bibber, VP of business development at Isometric Micro Molding, a New Richmond, Wis.-based micromolding company that provides medical and drug delivery OEMs with micromolded and automated assemblies.
Speaker Clarke, former Commissioner Doug Bell, Premier Sandy Silver, former Clerk Patrick Michael, Official Opposition MLA and former Commissioner Geraldine Van Bibber, and Third Party Leader Liz Hanson, delivered remarks.
Aimed at nine to 12 year olds, Natboff: One Million Years of Stupidity by Andy Stanton, is from the award-winning Mr Gum series and is set in Gum's hometown of Lamonic Bibber.
Records obtained by the Tribune show that Hilderbran's executive assistant, Debbie Van Bibber, resigned shortly after Hilderbran's firing, along with General Counsel Kay Molina, the agency's director of human resources, and two other staff members.
22 at the Richlin Ballroom, 1700 Van Bibber Road, in Edgewood.
Par ailleurs, le 24 avril, le premier ministre Silver (au nom du caucus du Parti liberal), l'ancienne commissaire Geraldine Van Bibber (au nom du caucus du Parti du Yukon) et la chef du troisieme parti Liz Hanson (au nom du caucus du NPD) lui ont rendu hommage dans la Chambre.
As a result, R&D efforts - including development of scalable and cost-effective micromolded components - are enabling the creation of intraocular and drug-delivery devices at an unprecedented pace, according to Donna Bibber, vice president at Isometric Micro Molding Inc.
* The Jane Bibber Bequest has fueled one branch's local activism for many years.
To recognize the contribution made to Canada's military past, The Memory Project's June profile shares the story of WWII Aboriginal veteran Alexander van Bibber, a member of the Yukon's Champagne and Aishihik First Nations.
Dahlstrom.Visiting hour will be 10 to 11 AM Saturday, February 28, 2015 followed by a celebration of Barbara's life at 11 AM at Bibber Memorial Chapel, 111 Chapel Rd.
The bibber must be able to perform minor repairs in house.