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A Korean dish of rice topped by cooked, seasoned vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and mushrooms, and often red pepper paste, sliced beef or other meat, and a raw or fried egg. The ingredients are mixed together by the diner before eating, often in a hot stone bowl.

[Korean : bibim, a mixing (from bibida, to mix + -m, nominalizing suffix) + bap, cooked grains, cooked rice.]
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Besides Gangnam, Google users searched for Seoul, "bibimbap" (rice mixed with assorted vegetable), Seoul weather, bulgogi, Busan, KTX, Incheon airport and Jeju Island.
Jeonju is also known as the land of best bibimbap, a popular Korean dish of rice topped with vegetables, and makgeolli, a Korean traditional rice wine.
Two of Relish Group's homegrown brands are Rock and Seoul (Korean bibimbap) and Birdhouse ('fusion' fried chicken).
Choose from an extensive selection of fresh sushi and sashimi, or classic favorites such as Ebi Tempura, Sukiyaki, Ramen, Katsu, Gyoza, Kamameshi, Bibimbap and Beef Bulgogi.
Eat Chay serves delicious vegan bao buns, Korean bibimbap and Vietnamese banh mi baguettes in Boxpark at Shoreditch.
In part of the airline's localization efforts, Etihad has a Korean flight attendant in all four cabins while serving two Korean meals including bibimbap and neobiani (marinated grilled beef slices) and offering Korean TV and movie services.
We suggest ordering pizza and meat platter at The Village Tavern, breakfast slammers at Denny's, spicy chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and bibimbap at Bulgogi Brothers.
Some of her favorites are Bibimbap, kimchi, kimbap, and Korean BBQ.
To provide our customers with more inspiration, from 4/22 to 5/31, Regent Taipei's 1F azie will present the Braised Pork Sauce Extravaganza - a series of inspired dishes including the British Warm Salad, Korean Bibimbap, Italian Pasta, Japanese Risotto Au Gratin and American French Fries, each dish starting at NT$250.
DON'T MISS: Relax in the jimjilbang, a communal relaxation area with four heated rooms and an ice room, then hit the cafe for bibimbap and banchan.