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n. pl. bib·li·og·ra·phies
1. A list of the works of a specific author or publisher.
a. A list of writings relating to a given subject: a bibliography of Latin American history.
b. A list of writings used or considered by an author in preparing a particular work.
a. The description and identification of the editions, dates of issue, authorship, and typography of books or other written material.
b. A compilation of such information.

bib′li·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk), bib′li·o·graph′i·cal adj.
bib′li·o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.bibliographical - relating to or dealing with bibliographybibliographical - relating to or dealing with bibliography
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[ˌbɪblɪəˈgræfɪkəl] ADJbibliográfico
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And this is the Bibliographical system here adopted; and it is the only one that can possibly succeed, for it alone is practicable.
Oxford Bibliographical Society Special Series: Manuscript Catalogues 1.
KUWAIT, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- Inauguration of State of Kuwait Libraries Portal and connecting it up with Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) represents a major step forward for Arab cultural cooperation particularly in libraries and data bibliographical realms, said Minister of Information.
Most of the earliest attempts, compiled in the late 19th century, were appendages to collective editions of Wordsworth's poetry, and these are woefully lacking in the kind of bibliographical detail that booksellers, collectors, and scholars alike depend on.
Begheyn begins with a bibliographical introduction, then discusses the Jesuits in the Low Countries 1540-1773 as apostles of the printing press and Jesuit books in the Dutch Republic and its Generality lands 1567-1773 before presenting the bibliography itself.
One of the objects of the Bibliographical Society of Canada is to promote the study of bibliography and the publication of works of bibliography with a principal emphasis on those connected with Canada.
She provides an introductory essay and is co-author of the initial bibliographical article on Hemingway's reading in natural history, hunting, fishing, and Africa.
Although the valiant efforts of Oak Knoll Press ensure that foundational bibliographical works by Fredson Bowers, Philip Gaskell, R.B.
In undertaking the production of this bibliographical guide to music in the African diaspora, Gray sets about to develop on the existing bibliographies, in particular Afro-American Folk Culture by John F.
The series seeks to produce bibliographical reference books by noted scholars on important themes in military history.

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