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1. Excessive adherence to a literal interpretation of the Bible.
2. Extreme devotion to or concern with books.

bib′li·ol′a·ter n.
bib′li·ol′a·trous adj.


1. (Bible) someone who reveres the Bible
2. a person who shows excessive admiration for a book

bibliolater, bibliolatrist

a person who is excessively fond of books. See also bible.
See also: Books
a person who respects the Bible excessively and interprets it literally.
See also: Bible
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He was not a bibliolater, but he understood the persuasive power, the potential iconoclasm, of literature.
Between that rather raffish noun and adjective of over-indulgence, come Bible, biblical, bibliolater, bibliomania, bibliophil, bibliopol and of course, bibliography.
For example, bibliolaters failed to see that the Book of Job was a dialogue and treated the "insufferable half-truths" of Job's comforters as of equal value with Job's own "pathetic appeals and close and powerful reasoning" (Coleridge 54).