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1. Excessive adherence to a literal interpretation of the Bible.
2. Extreme devotion to or concern with books.

bib′li·ol′a·ter n.
bib′li·ol′a·trous adj.


characterized by bibliolatry
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Adj.1.bibliolatrous - given to Bible-worshipbibliolatrous - given to Bible-worship    
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In his recent forum essay published on the SBL website (2007), Hector Avalos caused quite a stir when he claimed that the SBL was an elite society that merely promoted the study of the Bible to maintain the privileged existence of mainly religious biblical scholars, stating: 'One thing is clear to me: If biblical studies is to survive in academia, it must move beyond its still religionist, Euroamerican, and bibliolatrous orientation and offer us a more convincing rationale for how it will benefit our broader world and not just faith communities.' (28) Responses ranged from the childish 'If you don't like us, then terminate your membership' response, to the wounded (Christian) woman angered by Avalos because she understood her role as a biblical scholar to be one that benefited others:
Pooley)--"returned in memory to increase Jude the Obscure's burden of class feeling, refine its psychopathology of bibliolatrous Christianity, and screw to screaming pitch its sense of the grotesque untowardness of things" (296).