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 (bĭb′lē-ə-fīl′) also bib·li·o·phil (-fĭl′) or bib·li·oph·i·list (bĭb′lē-ŏf′ə-lĭst)
1. A lover of books.
2. A collector of books.

bib′li·oph′i·lism n.
bib′li·oph′i·lis′tic adj.
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bibliophilism, bibliophily

a love for books, especially for first or fine editions. — bibliophile, bibliophilist, n.bibliophilic, adj.
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zeal for collecting books.
See also: Collections and Collecting
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According to Wikipedia, the love of books is bibliophilia or bibliophilism. The person who loves books is a bibliophile.
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The Oxford scholar shares a fervent bibliophilism with other characters in Chaucer's fiction.