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 (bĭb′lē-ə-pōl′) also bib·li·op·o·list (bĭb′lē-ŏp′ə-lĭst)
A dealer in rare books.

[Latin bibliopōla, bookseller, from Greek bibliopōlēs : biblio-, biblio- + pōlein, to sell; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

bib′li·o·pol′ic (-pŏl′ĭk), bib′li·o·pol′i·cal adj.
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(ˈbɪblɪəʊˌpəʊl) or


(Professions) a dealer in books, esp rare or decorative ones
[C18: from Latin bibliopōla, from Greek bibliopōlēs bookseller, from biblio- + pōlein to sell]
ˌbibliˈopoly n
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(ˈbɪb li əˌpoʊl)

also bib•li•op•o•list

(ˌbɪb liˈɒp ə lɪst)

a bookseller, esp. a dealer in rare or used books.
[1765–75; < Latin bibliopōla < Greek bibliopṓlēs=biblio- biblio- + -pōlēs, agent derivative of pōleîsthai to sell]
bib`li•o•pol′ic (-ˈpɒl ɪk) bib`li•o•po′lar, adj.
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Noun1.bibliopole - a dealer in secondhand books (especially rare or curious books)bibliopole - a dealer in secondhand books (especially rare or curious books)
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
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One considers paper, ink and achievement in terms of three bibliopoles; and the unending Dunciad as Pope's weird revenge.