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A form of supportive psychotherapy in which carefully selected reading materials are used to assist a subject in solving personal problems or for other therapeutic purposes.
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the use of reading as therapy
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(ˌbɪb li oʊˈθɛr ə pi)

the use of books and other reading materials as an enhancing adjunct to therapy.
bib`li•o•ther`a•peu′tic (-ˈpyu tɪk) adj.
bib`li•o•ther′a•pist, n.
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Psychiatry. the therapeutic use of books and magazines in the treatment of mental illness or shock. — bibliotherapist, n. — bibliotherapeutic, adj.
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the therapeutic use of reading material in the treatment of nervous diseases. — bibliotherapist, n. — bibliotherapeutic, adj.
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This overview of theory and practice in bibliotherapy is for librarians, healthcare providers, and those working in arts organizations.
She also spoke about bibliotherapy, which is the use of books as therapy in the treatment of mental or psychological disorders.
Bibliotherapy - the prescribing of books as a remedy for psychological problems - has become increasingly popular in recent years.
Recent study has found patients prescribed reading for mild to moderate depression, a treatment called as bibliotherapy, saw improvements in mood and psychological well-being, Health news reported.
This title could be used as bibliotherapy for a reader having similar issues.--Charla Hollingsworth.
They can also provide current information to the public through the use of newspaper clippings, electronic resource maintenance, references, and reprographic services of selective dissemination of information, social networking platforms, and current awareness services to support bibliotherapy, peace keeping, and become a forceful agent of change in the society.
Bibliotherapy is an evidence-based approach school counselors and educators can use to incorporate mental health education into pre-existing school curricula.
By: Fatma Khaled CAIRO - 2 July 2017: Mental health has been proven to be treated in several ways, one of which is Bibliotherapy, where therapy is conducted through reading literature.
Extending Lipault's heritage in enhancing travel experience with stylish designs and durable bags, the new collection aims to provide travellers with an opportunity to alleviate psychological distress among displaced children through bibliotherapy - a healing technique that involves the reading of specific texts and collective reading.
Feasibility and acceptability of bibliotherapy and telephone sessions for the treatment of late-life anxiety disorders.
The project also plans to reconstruct book collections and offer bibliotherapy, socio-psychological support and stress relief via unique reading-related activities.
While clinical bibliotherapy may require skilled practitioners to help clients process their serious emotional problems, classroom teachers (and parents) can also use developmental bibliotherapy to help their students (or children).