biceps femoris

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biceps fem·o·ris

See biceps.

[New Latin : biceps, biceps + Latin femoris, genitive of femur, thigh.]
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After the El ClAaAaAeAeAaAaAeA sico last December, Benzema underwent a medical examinatio which he was diagnosed with a lesion in the biceps femoris muscle of the right leg, according to the club at the time.
Edema scores for gluteus maximus, long head of biceps femoris, and semimembranosus were significantly higher in IMNM than in MADD (all P = 0.
This may involve allograft, or autograft from another tendon in the body, usually harvested from Achilles tendon, patella tendon or biceps femoris tendon, or even synthetic grafts.
The following day, the carcass sides were transferred to a cutting room where five representative muscles including: longissimus dorsi (LD), gluteus medius (GM), semimembranosus (SM), biceps femoris (BF), and triceps brachii (TB) muscles were taken from both sides (left and right) of each carcass.
2012) observed muscle recruitment patterns of the vastus lateralis, biceps femoris and gastrocnemius after a five week training period with IC, and found no difference in recruitment patterns upon returning to NC cycling (Burns et al.
The pikas of experimental group were injected with 1 mL of 1 mol/L N-isopropyl oxamate, a specific LDH-C4 inhibitor, in biceps femoris muscle of hind legs, each leg with 500 uL.
There were no signs of tibialis posterior dysfunction, and no abnormalities were found in the biceps femoris short head muscle.
Posterolateral corner is stabilised by the arcuate ligament complex which consists of lateral collateral ligament; biceps femoris tendon; popliteus muscle and tendon; popliteal meniscal and popliteal fibular ligaments; arcuate ligament, lateral gastrocnemius muscle and fabellofibular ligaments.
The activation of the rectus femoris and biceps femoris in 4 athletes showed distinct patterns in relation to the activation time and amplitude of the signal, however, it was observed in all athletes activation of two muscles together.
2012) were placed on the following left lower limb muscles: Gluteus Medius, Tensor Fasciae Latae, Rectus Femoris, Vastus medialis, Vastus lateralis, Biceps Femoris, Tibialis Anterior and Gastrocnemius (Lateral Subdivision), and the reference electrode was placed on the left lateral malleolus.
Tocoferoli marks on the surface of the quadriceps femoris, adductor magnus, and biceps femoris muscles aligned with the crosshairs of the scanner, which allowed for similar positioning for repeated scans.
Surface EMG signals concurrently with the isokinetic test were recorded from the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, long head of biceps femoris and medial hamstring muscles of dominant leg.