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 (bī′kŭl′ər) or bi·col·ored (-ərd)
Having two colors, as an animal or a gemstone.
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Adj.1.bicolored - having two colorsbicolored - having two colors; "a bicolor flower"; "a bicolored postage stamp"
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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Deer mice, depending on their habitat and geographic area, have grayish to reddish brown fur, white bellies, and a bicolored tail, changing from dark to light toward the end.
We plant several varieties in succession to stretch out the harvest, starting with the early 'Sugar Buns,' then moving on to a great open-pollinated variety called 'Double Standard,' followed by the bicolored 'Delectable,' and then the old-fashioned white 'Silver Queen.
The tour was part of the ongoing informational and promotional campaign for Bicolored Apples from Europe, first launched in 2014 and supported by the European Union, Poland, the Agricultural Market Agency, and the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund.
Frequent visitors at night include two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus), bicolored porcupine (Coendou bicolor) and mottled owl (Ciccaba virgata).
Prothorax often speckled brown and slightly to distinctly darker laterally; mesothorax bicolored, pale medially, darker laterally; frons variously speckled (sparsely to densely) C.
The title refers to the bicolored Polish flag, horizontal red and white stripes, and in this memoir the "red" symbolizes Dembowski's life in Poland prior to the war, while the "white" is his later professional and personal life in Canada and the United States.
As part of a campaign launched in 2014 and devoted to bicolored apples from Europe, a group of delegates from United Arab Emirates was invited by The Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors 'Fruit Union' to visit Poland.
The majors and minors are darker, bicolored, with the head and gaster dark brown, and the mesosoma and legs reddish brown.
On average, about a third of cells that left the tumor migrated as bicolored clumps of cells.
To investigate whether small mammals, especially bicolored white-toothed shrews (Crocidura leucodon), which act as BDV reservoirs in Switzerland (1,2), harbor BDV in diseaseendemic areas in Bavaria, Germany, we screened 120 small mammals (53 from the family Cricetidae, 41 from the family Muridae, and 26 from the family Soricidae) (Table).
Latin Lady bicolored red roses were used to create duchess roses that were carried by the attendants.
While space constraints prevent us from providing details in this extended abstract, we mention that in [8] we define a sorting index and cycle number for bicolored matchings in a fashion analogous to what we will show for ordinary matchings.