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 (bī′kŏn-vĕks′, bī-kŏn′vĕks′)
Convex on both sides or surfaces: a biconvex disk.

bi′con·vex′i·ty (-vĕk′sĭ-tē) n.
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the characteristic of having two convex surfaces
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In addition to thickness, USG is useful to evaluate the plantar fascia in terms of echogenicity, biconvexity, perifascial fluid collections, intrafascial calcification, and subcalcaneal spur.
Then the actual estimation of [C] and [P] is performed by a two-step alternating least-squares algorithm which exploits the biconvexity properties of linear decompositions.
Since biconvexity is a linear condition, the intersection I(w) [intersection] U is biconvex, and hence there is an element w' [member of] [W.sub.U] such that I(w') = I(w) [intersection] U.