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Of or relating to two distinct cultures in one nation or geographic region: bicultural education.

bi·cul′tur·al·ism n.


(Peoples) having two cultures
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Centro collaborates with the private and public sectors to maximize resources for providing its bilingual, bicultural outreach services.
She got in touch with public health professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, who had already developed YouthCHAT, and they began researching a bicultural option for Northland in 2017.
Part 3 presents ideas for integrating and sustaining HOM, with discussion of bicultural settings, schoolwide culture, and collaboration between parents and teachers.
As its title suggests, Willful Girls: Gender and Agency in Contemporary Anglo-American and German Fiction casts a wide net across a mostly bicultural landscape of young and unruly female protagonists.
Summary: The budding starlet on her bicultural upbringing and which designer she has her sights on
On February 9, the group, comprised of 19 youngsters aged 15-25 and from Korean-Indonesian bicultural families as well as the head and other seven members of the Korean community in Indonesia, will visit Pyeongchang to watch a figure skating competition and take part in cheering activities.
Signage fabricated by the design firm in English and Spanish appeals to the bilingual and bicultural customers.
According to Nielsen, the market should be viewed in three important parts--culturally American (which comprise 19 percent of the total Hispanic market), culturally Hispanic (37 percent) and bicultural (44 percent).
This paper explores a way of understanding how policy works, and in doing so, presents the argument that bicultural education policy creates and sustains a myth of partnership between Maori and Pakeha/European settler-descendants.
The announcement was made as part of Tecate's "Taste of Triumph" campaign, which continues the brand's efforts to connect with bicultural Hispanic consumers.
Focused editorial content recognizes today's modern Latino as 'am bicultural', able to seamlessly pivot between Eng/Spnsh languages and embrace two distinct cultures.
But that task is easier said than done, especially among bicultural Hispanics.