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 (bī′sĭk′əl, -sĭ-kəl, -sī′kəl)
1. A vehicle consisting of a light frame mounted on two typically wire-spoked wheels one behind the other and usually having a seat, handlebars for steering, brakes, and two pedals by which it is driven.
2. An exercise bicycle.
intr.v. bi·cy·cled, bi·cy·cling, bi·cy·cles
To ride or travel on a bicycle.

[Probably bi- + -cycle (on the model of tricycle, three-wheeled coach).]

bi′cy·cler (-klər), bi′cy·clist (-klĭst) n.
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Noun1.bicycling - riding a bicyclebicycling - riding a bicycle      
cycling - the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle


n. ciclismo.
References in classic literature ?
Miss Lavish has been bicycling in your parts, but was not sure whether a call would be welcome.
It seems that some fellow who was bicycling saw a man get in and out of poor Dicky's taxi and is quite prepared to swear to him.
I saw a most corkingly pretty girl bicycling down to the village one morning, and they told me she was named Boyd and kept a bee-farm at Flack's.