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v. bid·ed or bode (bōd), bid·ed, bid·ing, bides
1. To remain in a condition or state.
a. To wait; tarry.
b. To stay: bide at home.
c. To be left; remain.
past tense bided To await; wait for.
bide (one's) time
To wait for further developments.

[Middle English biden, from Old English bīdan; see bheidh- in Indo-European roots.]
References in classic literature ?
No one could look at her and doubt that she had potentialities of attraction latent within her somewhere, but that side of her nature was happily biding its time.
5 Feet, With 25 Mm Partical Board Top Both Side Laminated 2Mm Pvc Edge Biding , One Side 03 Drawer Other Side One Drawer One Cabinet , Play For 18Mm Plb Board Pvc Board Pvc Edge Biding Fitting Lock And Handle Ss Finish Front Side Close.
ISLAMABAD -- The Chief Justice of Pakistan on Tuesday decided to fix the case regarding the biding process for awarding contract for the construction of Dasu dam to a three-member SC bench and adjourned hearing of the case till July 27.
He is learning his trade behind two high-quality hookers and is biding his time; taking advantage of the learning experience.
But there's still an element of biding your time as well, because you realise just how good a job Gordon and Brian have done for a decade and more.
A Band Called Quinn Biding Time (Remix) IF the music industry was fair, Louise Quinn would be as big a star as Annie Lennox or Shirley Manson - her back catalogue has some of the best songs Scotland has produced.
We separated locations into two 12-h periods to compare diurnal (0600-1800) and nocturnal (1800-0600) periods and placed them into three movement categories: resident, transient, and biding areas.
But there's a thin line between biding your time for the right job and just getting back in the game.
Word has it that there are a number of canny players biding their time to strike in the last few weeks in May.
Tumbling Dice and Watson Lake forced the pace and took the field into the home straight but Liam Burke's Thyne Again appeared to be just biding his time before hitting the front.
At this stage, it's just a case of getting my head down, working hard and biding my time to see what happens," said Lunt.
At 30, I want to be playing as much as I can and hopefully everyone will have a part to play, it's just a case of biding my time.