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 (bī′dĭ-rĕk′shə-nəl, -dī-)
Moving or operating in two usually opposite directions: bidirectional data flow.

bi′di·rec′tion·al′i·ty (-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
bi′di·rec′tion·al·ly adv.


in a bidirectional manner
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7) Subsequently, the amplicon was bidirectionally sequenced.
Links processes bidirectionally from requirements to code, to test cases, and test results
This enables ForeFlight Mobile users to display Garmin's ADS-B weather and traffic data, plus send flight plans bidirectionally between the panel and the tablet app.
All sequencing was performed bidirectionally with the amplification primers and BigDye ([R])Terminator v3.
sup][16] Samples passing quality control (QC) were then bidirectionally sequenced on the Hiseq2000 (Illumina, CA, USA) instrument, including the germline cfDNA that was derived from leukocyte lysis and the somatic cfDNA.
The combined effect of both viruses has bidirectionally enhanced symptoms and symptoms appeared earlier than individual viruses.
Transporting such a large payload bidirectionally in one cohesive system was a tall order, but thanks to our talented engineers and a great working relationship with WGBH, we've developed a single-box solution that addresses all of WGBH's needs.
By using the slip ring system, electric power is bidirectionally transferred between the EMC and an inverter.
The missing link is the ability of the third-party software to interface bidirectionally with the present GCS software.
As various aquaporins from bacteria, animals, and plants bidirectionally conduct met alloids--including silicon ions--through the cell membrane, the presence and potential involvement of aquaporins in quartz dissolution in C.
1101 Amplicons were sequenced bidirectionally (Inqaba Biotech, SA) and the consensus sequences uploaded and typed at using an E.
In addition to the Ohio to Louisiana Access project, we have the Northern Access Supply project which is the second phase of our ability to move gas bidirectionally on Texas Gas.