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also bee·di  (bē′dē)
n. pl. bi·dis also bee·dies
A thin, often flavored Indian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu leaf.

[Hindi bīṛī, from Sanskrit vīṭakam, vīṭikam, areca nut and spices rolled up in a betel leaf.]
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CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analyzed data from the 2011-2015 National Youth Tobacco Surveys (NYTS) to determine the prevalence and trends of current (past 30-day) use of seven tobacco product types (cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes [e-cigarettes], hookahs [water pipes used to smoke tobacco], pipe tobacco, and bidis [small imported cigarettes wrapped in a tendu leaf]) among U.
Let's take another announcement of this budget which is much touted: raising excise duty on tobacco products except bidis by 10%-15%.
Jash International's Sutra Bidis Red, Sutra Bidis Menthol, Sutra Bidis Red Cone, and Sutra Bidis Menthol Cone were found, By FDA, as not substantially equivalent to tobacco products that were previously sold as of Feb.
Serum HDL levels decrease with increase in number of Cigarette/ bidis smoked.
In addition, bidis are cheaper than conventional cigarettes and mimic the appearance of a marijuana cigarette, which are both believed to help increase its popularity.
But in India, cigarettes represent only 15% of India's total tobacco consumption; the remaining 85% is fragmented among popular tobacco products such as bidis (37%), hookah tobacco (water pipes), and chewing products such as khaini, zarda, gutkha, (NOTE--SPELLINGS ARE CORRECT) etc (48%)--the figures come from GPIL.
Bidis are small, hand-rolled cigarettes popular in India and Southeast Asia.
Misconstrued as "safer than cigarettes" and made appealing by a range of fruit (and other) flavorings, bidis are entrenched in North America but at far lower use rates than cigarettes.
The health effects section addresses a variety of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, bidis, clove cigarettes, and hookah pipes.
HELSINKI -- Projections of worldwide future tobacco-related deaths may be underestimated says a newly released report from the World Health Organization on use of tobacco and other non-tobacco products, such as bidis and water pipes, among 13 to 15 year old girls and boys.
The child usually has a daily quota to fulfill, and must turn the rolled bidis in to the employer at the end of each day.
Bidis are generally unfiltered and can have 28 percent higher nicotine concentration levels than cigarettes.