n. Chiefly Southern US

[Dialectal variant of business.]
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In the magazine bidness, like all bidness, there's a lot of talk about the competition.
Martin Blanc, "Taiwan Semiconductor Confirms Release of 7nm Processors by 2017," Bidness Etc, May 31, 2015, www.
Before MacDill became a Wings & Things SOCOM Superstore, when a few peeling, faded signs still read simply "MacDill Field," nameless guys in a business they jokingly called "Nunya," as in Nunya Bidness, could touch down, be de-briefed and slide out unnoticed.
THE MAYOR: (singing) One night I was working Conjuring spirits for true Throwing bones and watching Sara do what she do People think I'm too strange Some scared of me They just don't realize I'm necessary I mind my bidness Do work most won't Keep the evil eye out Your front door But when things got hectic They sent this girl to me Wanted her to find out What's in this bag I keep
Big Bidness (Burger King); cost not listed for signs for Burger King at 610 Grant Road, East Wenatchee.
Jersey jes a bidness ting y'know, Natty wait til da day dey legalize da medical ere inna New York.
Despite his setbacks in the Parakeet Bidness, I think I've finally hit upon a sure-fire moneymaker that he would heartily endorse.
It is widely believed in Texas that the highest purpose of government is to create "a healthy bidness climate.
Frazier: Un bin fuh shum 'bout pribate bidness, en' `e ax' me, "Mistuh Frajuh, you know dat black scoundul wuh hitch 'e goat `neet' me winduh eb'ry mawnin'?
In effect, the legal and political establishment begat generations of justices who reflected the assumption of their progenitors that preservation of a "good bidness climate" is the highest aim of government.
A bidness, according to one independent oilman, that is easy to understand: "It's the real-estate business, with a revenue stream.
In plain English: Kimba says he refused to get down to bidness for a whole year.